Test 5

Study the definitions of the English idioms. Insert a corresponding idiom into the sentence. Pay attention to the translation of the English idioms into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. To miss an opportunity because one is too late.

I saw the furniture advertised on sale, but I didn’t get to the store in time to buy it. I ... on that one.

2. To cancel an idea or plan; to reject or forbid something.

I thought it was an excellent idea, but he ... it. Now we are back to where we started.

3. The heart of the issue; the most important part of the discussion; the essential points.

These conferences always begin with introductory speeches that don’t say much. I’m glad when they’re finished and the speakers get down to the ... – that’s when we really learn something new.

4. A person who is old-fashioned and not open to new technology or ideas.

Tom is a bit of an .... He refuses to get a mobile phone or a computer.

Comment: Describing someone as an old fuddy-duddy is usually seen as harmless and humorous, whereas calling someone a stuffed shirt can be rude. The expression can refer to either a woman or a man.

5. Blissfully happy.

Sharon loved horses, and when she finally took her first riding lesson, she was ....

6. Not working correctly.

This television works for a few minutes and then the picture fades out. It’s ....

7. In a difficult situation or position.

They agreed on the price of the car with the salesman, but now they can’t borrow enough from the bank. They’re ... because they’ll lose their deposit if they can’t come up with the rest of the money.

8. Notice that one has been fired from one’s job.

Gordon came home early from work looking worried. He had just gotten a ..., and now he would have to find another job.

Comment: The expression probably originates from the color of the form used to notify people that they had been fired. Such forms often came in multiple carbon copies. Each copy was a different color and was designated for a different recipient, e.g., the pay office got one particular color, while the fired person always got the pink copy.

9. An expressionless face; a face that reveals nothing of one’s feelings or thoughts.

Kay isn’t very good at hiding her feelings. She just doesn’t have a ....

Comment: The expression originates from the game of poker, in which the players avoid showing any pleasure or displeasure in the cards they have been dealt by keeping an expressionless face.

10. To ask someone to get married.

It came as a complete surprise to Marsha when Bill ... and asked her to marry him.

Comment: The question in the expression is “Will you marry me?” Presumably it is popped because it is supposed to come as a surprise.
on cloud nine
pop the question
miss the boat
poker face
over a barrel
pink slip
nix (something)
old fuddy-duddy
on the fritz