Test 5

Study the definitions of the neologisms in English and fill in the gaps paying attention to the rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. A vehicle that is controlled automatically rather than by a human driver.

Toyota is one of several heavy-weight car manufacturers and technology companies researching ...s.

2. A sphere-shaped display screen.

Like the old-school globes once common in classrooms, ...s vary in size.

3. The analysis of markers in nuclear material such as the concentration of isotopes and the size of grains to determine where the material originated.

The archive is part of the rapidly advancing field of ..., which aims to trace clandestine nuclear material to the nation and even the reactor it came from.

4. The technique of getting things done by working on one task as a way to procrastinate and avoid doing another task.

Alas, there’s no good data, and for now many self-control researchers have doubts about ....

5. Refers to a display method using a very high density of pixels.

March provided Apple with its first opportunity to dominate the news after the firm unveiled its first iPad with a high-definition ‘...’ screen.

6. The exterminating of biting insects by ingesting a substance that is poisonous to the insect and kills it when the insect bites you.

Dr. Hotez’s hesitation is mostly that bedbugs do not cause disease, so ... seems pretty heavy-handed.

7. A person who takes it upon themselves to pick up litter in public places.

Unpaid army of ...s tackles Britain’s tide of rubbish.

8. A false etymology that has come to be widely known and so is generally believed.

You’ve written that this misunderstanding, or maybe a better term for it is ‘evolution’ of what Black Friday really means actually falls into the wider category of something know as ....

9. In computer gaming, staying in one place in order to gain a strategic advantage (often in a way that is considered unfair).

I have noticed a lot of ... going on recently, why do they do it?

10. The practice of lying about yourself in an online environment in order to impress others, especially to lure someone into a relationship.

Believe it or not, a little controlled ... is something that plenty of the Instant Message generation has experimented with, even if we’re unwilling to admit it. Really, who hasn’t tried to escape their reality by pretending to be a 17-year-old varsity baseball player in an N SYNC chat room every now and then?

digital globe
autonomous vehicle
positive procrastination
litter vigilante
nuclear forensics