Test 1

Choose the correct answer. Memorize phrasal verbs and their translation as well. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 
1. Some people believe that it is necessary to 
 capital punishment.
2. When you 
 writing the project, do not forget to consult the dictionary.
3. Jane has 
 many troubles last year, but she remained confident and persistent.
4. The play was 
 by the sudden illness of the leading actress.
5. Many people are 
 by false promises to make them rich.
6. When the fire broke out, Mary was the person to 
 the situation.
7. The government should 
8. Eliza 
 her flat. It looks very stylish now.
9. It is difficult to 
 how you feel when you are in trouble.
10. The company is still 
 the project of the new advertisement.