Test 3

Choose the correct answer. Memorize phrasal verbs and their translation as well. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 
1. I took him out for lunch to make 
 forgetting his birthday.
2. This is Alex Smith. He’s taken 
 Rob Peterson as sales director.
3. I tried to talk to her but she just hung 
4. He cheated in the exam and he got 
5. She said that she stood 
 her decision to resign.
6. We lost 
 the sale.
7. Can I take you 
 two points in your talk?
8. The firemen managed to put 
 the fire very quickly.
9. People turned 
 in huge amounts for the opening night of the movie.
10. He applied for a job at the company, but they turned him 
 because he didn’t have enough experience.