Test 7

Study the definitions of the neologisms in English and fill in the gaps paying attention to the rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. Academic research that is funded or influenced by the fossil fuels industry, especially companies involved in fracking.

Weeks after SUNY Buffalo’s upper-level administration gave the Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI) the boot due to its gas industry public relations effort masked as a ‘study,’ University of Texas-Austin’s (UT-Austin) administration has somewhat followed suit for its own ‘...’ study.

2. A person who causes a cyclist to come off their bike by opening a car door, i.e. by ‘dooring’ them.

A new word has been coined in the Big Apple to cover an increasingly common cause of death or injury – ...s. That means someone opens the door of a stationary motor vehicle and sends a cyclist flying in to the path of a passing car or bus usually with dire consequences.

3. The use of drugs to improve brain performance.

Report raises ethical concerns about ... technologies.

4. Medical advice from doctors and other healthcare professionals provided digitally to cell phones or other devices.

She ‘sees’ her patients almost entirely over email, from her Manhattan home base. It’s all part of the growing effort to make healthcare more efficient by making it more digital. Some call this new industry ‘M-Health’ or ..., others call it Health IT.

5. Artificial stimulation of the brain, for example to treat loss of neurological function or muscle paralysis.

Today, at its leading edge, ... is already significantly improving the quality of life in patients with conditions as wide-ranging as MS, winging of the scapula and brain injuries.

6. The unquestioning embracing of all that technology has to offer, believing that it holds the answers to every problem.

..., Vaidhyanathan argues, hides the role of human bias and majority opinion in ordering how Google presents information to its users.

7. To examine and prescribe treatment for a patient remotely, using videoconferencing.

At Kaiser Permanente, dermatologists ‘sit in a suite in San Francisco’ and ... patients throughout Northern California, Dr. Yellowlees said.

8. Green ads and logos created in dirt and dust.

As an eco advertising consultancy and provider of alternative ... solutions, our innovative approach is designed to enable you to promote your brands and products and highlight your CSR initiatives in an environmentally responsible way.

9. The practice of using a Smartphone to monitor and record one’s health and wellbeing.

They called it ‘...’ and in 2007 founded a blog named the Quantified Self.

10. A method of informing someone if someone has linked to their website.

By sending a ..., you are creating a backlink to your blog, which takes a very small amount of time to do when considering the benefits of it.

mobile health
natural media
human enhancement