Test 2

Study the definitions of the neologisms in English and fill in the gaps paying attention to the rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. An article that is based on a list of points.

Thanks to our sweet Kerry for inspiring a kiss and tell ....

2. A very small integrated circuit.

A related but simpler technology is based on suspending small integrated circuits called ‘...s’ in a fluid and then flowing them over a surface where they drop into tiny holes of corresponding shapes

3. Website design which allows for optimal viewing irrespective of which device is being used to view the site.

With the emergence of ... as an industry benchmark, flat design has made inroads on the web too.

4. Internet technology designed to make users feel calm.

This is the question motivating the embryonic movement known variously as ‘calming technology’, ‘...’, ‘conscious computing’ or (Pang’s preferred term) ‘contemplative computing’.

5. A type of edible food packaging.

... ice cream and frozen yogurt will make their debut at US grocery stores later this month.

6. Software designed to have a calming effect.

Their inventions so far include scores of pieces of ‘...’ designed to block distractions, with names such as Isolator and StayFocusd and Shroud and Turn Off The Lights.

7. Someone who refuses to accept a belief or opinion that is held by most other people.

But how many storms, how many scientists weighing in, how much new information will it take to – at a minimum – convince the editors that permitting ...s to have a voice for ‘balance’ is not just factually wrong but also flat-out immoral?

8. Abbreviation for “you only live once” (used to justify doing something that is expensive or not sensible, or to encourage someone to do something).

The Jenners on the other hand, were totally living the ... life. Those crazy kids were cliff jumping, waterskiing, and doing some crazy fun looking wind surfing thing.

9. Another phrase for ‘bedroom tax’.

It wasn’t one of the Labour leader’s better performances. By contrast, David Cameron’s response was robust. It’s not a tax, the PM insisted, offering his own label for the issue: ‘...’.

10. Water that falls to the surface of Saturn from its rings.

‘The main effect of ... is that it acts to quench the ionosphere of Saturn,’ Mr. O’Donoghue said.

ring rain
spare room subsidy
the Slow Web
responsive (website) design