Test 5

Choose the correct answer. Memorize phrasal verbs and their translation as well. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 
1. Most people were pulling 
 New Orleans to win the Super Bowl.
2. Even though Canada was favoured to beat the US, they weren’t able to pull it 
 and lost 2–1.
3. I told Mike that it was snowing in the desert and he believed me! That guy falls 
4. You should get a college degree, so just in case your singing career falls 
, you’ll have something to fall back on.
5. I fell off the stage when I was singing the solo. I’ll never live that 
6. Monica doesn’t have to work. She can live 
 her father’s inheritance for the rest of her life.
7. Michael Jordan was often called the greatest basketball player ever, and he consistently lived 
 to this title.
8. I don’t have any more pens. You’ll have to make 
 a pencil.
9. The bank robber made 
 over one million dollars!
10. The striking workers are holding 
 higher wages.