Test 9

Study the definitions of the neologisms in English and fill in the gaps paying attention to the rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. An advert that is shown before an online video.

YouTube is testing out a new ... ad setup across the site that looks a lot like the current Hulu offerings.

2. A prolonged period of abstinence from alcohol, usually undertaken for charity.

If you’re participating in the ... and need help with signing up for your event? Joining a team to be on the ... leader board, getting a sponsorship pack please contact the Cancer Research UK support team at ...@cancer.org.uk.

3. Doing short, intensive bursts of exercise.

Lastly, Steve says 2013 will see the demise of long workouts, with ‘...’ taking over.

4. The extreme sport of walking across ropes suspended high above the ground.

The group travel the world to take part in the extreme sport of ..., in which people walk across wires fixed high above the ground or water.

5. A person taking part in a Dryathlon.

... from around the country will attempt to go dry this January, giving up alcohol for the whole month in support of Cancer Research UK.

6. An additional screen, especially a tablet or smartphone, used while watching TV.

This approach is often referred to as the ‘...’, the idea being that the tablet or smartphone becomes a TV companion device.

7. A form of group exercise based on a South African dance.

Please feel free to view all my ... and Zumba class times and info on my website or Facebook page.

8. A form of exercise in which a soft exercise ball is used to develop strength and core stability.

... is a short-duration, high-intensity class straight from Canada that will be debuting exclusively in the UK.

9. A cafe in which there are cats that the customers can pet as they enjoy their coffee, etc.

Popular in Japan, ... are a haven for lovers of all things feline, where customers can stroke, pet and coo over the animals.

10. An icon used in electronic messages and webpages, originally in Japan but now available more widely.

... icons are a lot of fun and special characters can be extremely useful, but the standard way of opening the character viewer panel isn’t the smoothest in the world.

second screen
fitness snacking
cat café