Test 2

Choose the correct answer. Memorize phrasal verbs and their translation as well. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 
1. Jane won’t 
 the details of the plan, we can trust her.
2. We 
 the afternoon to the discussion of the new film.
3. How can we 
 solving this problem?
4. On seeing the owner of the house the thieves 
 the window.
5. The company 
 five new employees every year.
6. The burglary has nothing 
 Susan. It is unfair to accuse her of it.
7. The professor refused to check Jane’s test because he could not 
 her handwriting.
8. My business makes me 
 a lot. I have been to many countries.
9. All of my classmates 
10. The manager promised to 
 the contract as soon as possible.