Test 2

Study the definitions of the English idioms. Insert a corresponding idiom into the sentence. Pay attention to the translation of the English idioms into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. An important, powerful, or influential person.

The company’s ...s are getting free trips to Hawaii this year.

2. Insensitive to delicate situations; to be so clumsy that one breaks things inadvertently.

Tom was a bit of ... when he met his girlfriend’s family, asking all the wrong kinds of questions about her relatives.

3. To buy something very cheaply.

Sue and Dennis found an antique painting in that shop, but the salesman didn’t know its true value. It must be worth a small fortune, and they ....

4. Abruptly; not gradually.

Many doctors believe that if you want to give up using a drug, you can’t do it gradually. You have to stop ....

5. A story that is too unlikely to be believed.

You want me to believe some ...s that you’re late getting home because you got lost and then ran out of gas?

6. To expel someone from a group or organization.

If I suggested to the boss that the company pay for the Christmas party, he’d probably fire me. I’d ....

7. Late or last-minute.

You certainly left making your decision to take this flight until the .... You’re lucky, there were still seats available.

8. Everyone.

I know the car salesman made you think he was only offering a great deal to you, but in fact he has offered the same deal to ... that has walked into his showroom.

9. To confront a difficult or unpleasant situation; to accept the unpleasant consequences of one’s own actions.

Jessica’s parents have always made excuses for her bad behavior, but this time they told her they were not going to protect her, and that it was time she ....

10. To lose control of oneself and engage in a compulsive behavior.

She was doing well on her diet, but then she ... and ate a gallon of ice cream.

buy (something) for a song
drum (someone) / get drummed out of the corps
eleventh hour
big shot
fall off the wagon
face the music
cold turkey
every Tom, Dick, and Harry
cock-and bull story
bull in a china shop