Test 9

Choose the correct proper name(s) for each sentence. Pay attention to its (their) rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. 

1. We had got to the top of ... before I knew he was not smiling at all.

2. Turning from the Temple gate as soon as I had read the warning I made my way to ..., and then drove to ....

3. ... was published in 1929.

4. Oxford was beaten by ... in the Сup Final yesterday.

5. The novel ... by Gorky has been translated into many languages.

6. America’s first college, ..., was founded in ... in the 17th century.

7. In the New York City area ... is a good example of water pollution.

8. ... was founded by a religious group known as the Mormons.

9. In California people arrive at ..., a huge glass church.

10. English is one of the working languages of the UN and ....

Holborn Hill
Fleet Street
Covent Garden
the International Olympic Committee
Salt Lake City
Manchester United
Crystal Cathedral
the East River
“The Mother”
“A farewell to Arms”