Test 10

Choose the correct proper name(s) for each sentence. Pay attention to its (their) rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. 

1. ... recommended a return to totally unpolluted French without English words.

2. It is expensive to buy apartments on ....

3. In my dreams I often see myself climbing ..., exploring ..., swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

4. ... is one of the five ... in North America.

5. To become a private balloon pilot, you need to have a license from ....

6. Spain holds fashion fairs twice a year, ... in Madrid and ... in Barcelona.

7. The aim of ... is to stop boxing altogether.

8. A small part of the ice-covered continent – the coast of ... – was first seen in 1820.

9. The tourists organization hires young Dutch women to walk around in traditional peasant clothing in the tulip fields between ... and ..., giving tourists the perfect chance to take photos.

10. It was the small town of ... in Norway that was chosen to host the 1994 ....

Mont Blanc
the Azores
the Cibeles
the Gaudi
President Pompidou
Graham Land
Fifth Avenue
Winter Olympics
the BMA (British Medical Association)
the Civil Aviation Authority
Lake Erie
Great Lakes