Test 7

Choose the correct answer. Memorize phrasal verbs and their translation as well. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 
1. The old factory was completely made 
 and is now an upscale shopping center.
2. The incoming university president is vowing to put 
 the sort of sweeping changes that will propel the school into the top tier academically.
3. He decided to make 
 the exit.
4. I’ll make it 
5. We can win by taking 
 new students.
6. It seemed strange to see my old boss wait 
7. Are you going to get 
 the project?
8. The football player talked 
 the coach. No surprise he was thrown off the team.
9. This employee is always showing him 
 10 minutes late!
10. The speaker drew his speech 
 for over thirty minutes!