Test 1

Study the definitions of the English idioms. Insert a corresponding idiom into the sentence. Pay attention to the translation of the English idioms into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. The most crucial or important test of worth.

Parents might be willing to buy this new toy for their children but the real ... is whether or not the children themselves like it.

2. Equally for everyone, for everything, or in all cases.

The boss made some people angry. He gave 5% pay raises ... but some people thought they should have gotten more than others.

3. Something or someone that is a burden and difficult to get rid of.

That car costs you so much to repair. It has become an .... Why don’t you get rid of it?

4. A person or thing that is precious or loved above all else.

Richard is so attached to his daughter that he would do anything for her. She’s the ....

5. Return to the beginning.

The editor didn’t like the article I wrote for the newspaper. She told me to redo it, so I guess I’ll have to ....

6. A criticism that is phrased in such a way that it appears to be a compliment.

Patricia said she can’t wear fake gold jewelry the way I can because it turns her skin green, and I think she was giving me a .... She was really letting everyone know that she wears real gold jewelry while the jewelry I have on is fake.

7. In a difficult situation or position.

Barbara’s parents have told her to study medicine but she really wants to study law. How is she going to explain this to them? She’s ....

8. To talk to someone for a long time.

Don’t mention politics to Bill. He loves talking about politics and he’ll ... about it for hours.

9. Distraught; very anxious and troubled.

When the mother couldn’t find her young son in the crowd, she was ... with worry.

10. To be sure.

I’m sure they’ll be married before the end of the year. I’d ... on it.

bet (one’s) bottom dollar
go back to square one
bend (someone’s) ear
acid test
across the board
beside (oneself)
apple of (one’s) eye
backhanded compliment
albatros around (one’s) neck
behind the eight ball