Test 6

Study the definitions of the neologisms in English and fill in the gaps paying attention to the rendering into Russian. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make up your own sentences in Russian for your groupmates to translate in class. 

1. In a computer game, carrying out repetitive actions in the same area, for example repeatedly attacking someone, in order to build up points.

Game Front has also made clear that it believed the ‘...’ of resources within Dead Space 3 should not be equated with in-game purchases.

2. Child-free by choice.

Like Ruby, I am child-free by choice ... and proud of it.

3. An atheist who is nevertheless understanding and tolerant of religions and religious people.

Salon runs an excerpt of the book, ...: How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious, in which the author explores atheist fundamentalism.

4. Travel to the UK with the intention of taking advantage of the benefit system.

...’ must end, Foreign Secretary William Hague has said, ahead of the lifting of work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians.

5. A boat that is a hotel.

Ahoy there! Revealed, the world’s best ‘...s’ which allow you to stay beside the sea without getting your feet wet.

6. A bag that contains items needed in an emergency and that is ready for a person to take if they have to leave quickly in the event of a disaster.

During his presentation, Mr. Charles suggested that a well-prepared ... was only part of the equation: just as important was knowing where to go.

7. To break off briefly from work to check email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Office workers are interrupted, or ..., roughly every three minutes.

8. Refers to a person who identifies as neither male nor female.

The new ID was a long time coming – the Supreme Court ruled in favour of ... IDs back in 2007.

9. A platonic male friend with whom to go for walks, to the theatre, etc.

She had been discussing this with two other single women of her age, and she’d said her ideal ... would be a musician.

10. An advert featuring and designed to appeal to a ‘lad’.

...s. Thanks to sport, adverts for ‘lads’ are everywhere.

bug-out bag
benefit tourism