PART II. Train Your Competence

(45 points)

Task 1. Study the examples below and answer the questions. If you are to give more than one answer, type in the letters in alphabetic order. (18 points)

A. He heard one of the girls address Jane.
B. His being away too often is becoming rather suspicious!
C. I love teaching English to young children!
D. It being rather dark in the room, I could not finish my reading.
E. Linda gave orders for everyone to stop packing.
F. He gets sixty dollars a week.
G. I insist on your doing this task alone!
H. Without a word said, we parted.
I. I quite like your worrying about your child all the time.
J. That is not for you to decide!

1. Which of the sentences above do not contain a predicative complex? 1) , 2)
2. Which of the sentences above contains a predicative complex serving as subject?
3. Which of the sentences above contain a predicative complex serving as object? 1) , 2) , 3)
4. Which of the sentences above contains a predicative complex serving as complement?
5. Which of the sentences above contain a predicative complex serving as adverbial modifier? 1) , 2)
6. Which of the sentences above contains a predicative complex serving as noun modifier?
7. Which of the sentences contains the Objective Predicative construction?
8. Which of the sentences contain the Gerundial construction? 1) , 2) , 3)
9. Which of the sentences contain the For-to-Infinitive construction? 1) , 2)
10. Which of the sentences contain the Absolute Nominative construction? 1) , 2)

Task 2. Give the correct variant of the Objective Predicative construction by choosing an Infinitive form with “to” or without “to”. (10 points).

1. We know him be a very amiable fellow.
2. Sunglasses make you look mysterious.
3. After hours of negotiations, they finally got the client agree to their terms.
4. I do not expect you to understand, but do take some measures!
5. I will have you apologize for saying such things!
6. Please, let me keep silent.
7. I have never seen anyone enjoy their food so much!
8. We consider the matter be) rather serious.
9. Mom! Watch me jump over this bush!
10. Scientists believe cancer become curable in the near future.

Task 3. Paraphrase the underlined part using a predicative complex. (10 points)

1. I heard that Jack screamed with pain.

2. It was practically impossible that we would see a familiar face on Skye.

3. I entered the room and saw that Jeremy was going through my drawers.

4. He insisted that his claims be acknowledged immediately.

5. I believe that Azerbaijan will become a more popular tourist destination in the future.

6. As her heart was full of despair, she could not utter a word.

7. The thought that he could get hurt was maddening for me.

8. Since it was late, the Davidsons started to say their goodbyes.

9. You are doing nothing to help – it drives me crazy!

10. He said goodbye and walked away but his farewell was unanswered.

Task 4. Translate the following into English using predicative complexes. (7 points)

1. Did you notice как Джордж подмигнул Бетти?

2. The idea о том, что вы начнете собрание is perfect.

3. Так как Джейн было всего восемь, she could not fully understand what her father’s guests were laughing at.

4. То, что вы опоздали на встречу, speaks volumes about your relaxed attitude towards discipline.

5. Do not make Роберта петь – he is so dreadfully shy.

6. I suggest чтобы вы присоединились к нам for lunch tomorrow.

7. I insist на том, чтобы вы исправили эту ошибку.