PART I. Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions.
1. What is the predicate? What can it denote?
2. What classes of verbs do you know?
3. What do intransitive verbs denote?
4. What are the main types of intransitive verbs complementation?
5. Which intransitive verbs require an obligatory adverbial complement?
6. What are the verbs that can be used both transitively and intransitively called?
7. What do monotransitive verbs denote?
8. What members of the sentence do monotransitive verbs combine with?
9. What monotransitive verbs can combine with a predicate complement?
10. What do complex transitive verbs denote? What do they involve?
11. What do complex transitive verbs combine with?
12. What is a delexical verb?
13. What type of events do ditransitive verbs describe?
14. What are the types of combinability of ditransitive verbs?
15. What is a copular verb?
16. What type of complement does a copular verb combine with?
17. What groups of copular verbs do you know?
18. Summing up – what types of verbs are specified according to their type of combinability?