PART III. Test Your Competence

(40 points)

Task 1. Insert the appropriate article if necessary. (18 points)

1. 1) Bahamas is the place to be in 2) summer.
2. Is that Denis you told me about?
3. If the state borrows heavily to rebuild the economy, Central Bank will keep monetary policy tight
4. The bus-stop I usually wait at when returning from shopping is right opposite church.
5. Helen works at IBM corporation.
6. 1) next Sunday, 2) Prime Minister will be celebrating ten years in power.
7. The new tax was to have been introduced last year, but Duma boycotted it.
8. He has beautiful Mercedes convertible.
9. During the 1990s he worked as a professor at Moscow State University.
10. 1) Buckingham Palace, 2) Trafalgar Square, 3) Houses of Parliament, 4) Tower of London, 5) Tower Bridge, and 6) National Gallery are the usual sights in the English capital.
11. Some day I shall be President (Abraham Lincoln).

Task 2. Decide whether the use of articles in the underlined parts of the sentences is appropriate. Correct the mistakes if any. Rewrite the improved parts in the spaces. Use as many words for the answer as many spaces are underlined. (12 points)

1. I’ve got terrible headache.

2. I work at Xerox Corporation.

3. This year we are planning to spend 1) the Christmas in 2) England.
1) 2)
4. They had nothing to declare at the Customs.

5. Nowadays a monument to Tadeush Kostiushko, 1) a brave soldier, national hero of 2) USA, honourable citizen of 3) the France, born on the territory of 4) contemporary Brest region in Belarus can be seen in 5) the Lafayette Square opposite 6) White House in 7) Washington.
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Task 3. Translate into English paying attention to the use of articles with the underlined parts of the sentence. (10 points)

1. Сообщите Доктору Стивенсу (Stephens), что его ожидает некий мистер Ричардс.

2. Брауны навестят нас сегодня. Думаю, они останутся на ужин.

3. В Петербурге я останавливался в «Астории».

4. Когда смотришь на Везувий, кажется, что в любую минуту может начаться извержение (to erupt).

5. «Таймз» пишет, что Северная Шотландия не довольна результатами референдума.

6. – Ты настоящий Чайлд Гарольд (Childe Harold)!

(45 points)

Task 1. Insert the appropriate article if necessary. (30 points)

1. British Rail has been wanting to close this line down for years on the grounds that it doesn’t pay its way.
2. Berlin, she had been born in, and where she had grown up, no longer existed.
3. Welcome to Jurassic Park.
4. They threw him into prison and deprived him of his property.
5. It was in 1759 that Josia Wedgwood – 1) “Father of English Pottery” – founded 2) Wedgwood firm.
6. Mary gave Joe a smile that would have melted half the ice in Arctic Circle.
7. When you are ready, I shall take you to 1) dinner at 2) Ritz.
8. The best way to see 1) Rome is either on 2) foot or on 3) bus.
9. Rolex company were the first to develop the idea of a modern watch.
10. Let me take you to Milky Way on your holiday!
11. Outside the door of Ryan’s Bar he took quick leave of me.
12. The hunters got lost in Rocky Mountains.
13. This producer got Nika for this film.
14. He is thrilled at his new buy: classic Mercedes Benz!
15. It has been stated by some historians that 1) princess Sophia, 2) daughter of Vladimir Monomakh, was 3) mother of St Evfrosiniya.
16. The six island countries of 1) West Indies are 2) Ba hamas, 3) Barbados, 4) Cuba, 5) Dominican Republic, 6) Haiti, and 7) Jamaica.
17. Yesterday, December seventh, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, 1) United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of 2) Empire of Japan. We will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God (Franklin D. Roosevelt).

Task 2. Translate into English paying attention to the underlined parts of the sentence. (15 points)

1. В этом году мой день рождения пришелся на вторник.

2. Я столько слышал и читал о Ватикане, что очень хотел бы побывать там.

3. В это время завтра вечером мы прибываем в аэропорт Майами.

4. Королева проводит отпуск на итальянской Ривьере.

5. Он изучает жизнь короля Чарльза II.

6. Старая Нэнси не осмеливалась и думать об этом.

7. Когда я стоял около гостиницы, подъехал Роллс-Ройс.

8. Зимой многие катаются на лыжах в Альпах.

9. Современная Англия значительно отличается от Англии XX века.

10. Название «Белая Русь» (Belaya Rus) впервые было использовано в XII веке.

11. Однажды Земля может уподобиться планете Венера (Стивен Хокинг).

12. Из всей британской прессы я, пожалуй, предпочту «Гардиан».