PART II. Train Your Competence

(50 points)

Task 1. Supply the appropriate articles where necessary to complete the following sentences. (38 points)

1. 1) Chaucer would have had difficulty in recognizing 2) London of 3) Queen Elizabeth, just as 4) Dickens, well as he knew 5) London, would have been bewildered by 6) steel and concrete London of today.
2. 1) Amelia told me she had made a will. “It’s all for 2) Catherine. She is 3) Silver. The last of 4) Silvers. And the land I’m leaving for her has belonged to 5) Cheshire Silvers for almost two hundred years.”
3. Would you recognize 1) Chagall from 2) Malevich?
4. He saw that clever Mr. Stone wanted to moralize a little.
5. If you are Napoleon you’ll play for power.
6. There is a crew of 246 on Queen Elisabeth II.
7. “1) Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries” painted in 1812 by Jacques-Louis David is displayed in one of the collection galleries in 2) National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
8. Maxim left 1) Ritz Hotel after their dinner at Annabel’s and walked home crossing 2) Piccadilly and heading through 3) Half Moon Street into 4) Mayfair.
9. Although Napoleon had crossed Alps on a mule, he requested that he be portrayed “calm upon a fiery steed”.
10. 1) Easter Island in 2) Pacific Ocean was discovered in 1722. It is one of the most mysterious spots on the earth.
11. We’ll have to have early dinner today.
12. I’m in computers. I work for IBM.
13. From 1504 till 1506 1) Dr. Skaryna studied at 2) Krakov University. He graduated from the university with 3) Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and later, in 1512, he successfully passed his examinations at 4) University of Padua and got his Doctor’s degree in medicine.
14. I arrived in Pulkovo airport from Frankfurt.
15. Traffic stood 1) nose to 2) tail all the way down the Strand.
16. The next day, Tuesday, a telegram came.
17. As long as I’m head of this company, I will handle all of our top customers.
18. On this particular morning, she looked as bright and sparkling as brand-new penny.
19. scientist though he was, he could not answer the question.

Explonation for answers:

Task 2. Translate the following into English. Use as many words for the answer as many spaces are underlined. (12 points)

1. In 1836 Ignat Dameika was invited to 1) (Чили) to teach chemistry and mineralogy. Later on he became 2) (профессором Университета Чили) and in 1863 – 1883 he was 3) (назначен ректором Университета).
2. (Работа Родена (Rodin)) in the Museum entrance is my favourite sculpture.
3. (Эрмитаж) has a few gift shops on the ground floor.
4. Pushkin, 1) (великий русский поэт), loved 2) (осень) very much.
5. 1) , 2) (Полковник Баден-Пауэлл (Baden-Powell), основатель) of the Boy Scout movement, was an Englishman.
6. 1) (Маленький Чарльз) had to work 2) (с утра до ночи). After some time at school, Charles Dickens learned stenography and became a reporter in 3) (Парламенте).