PART III. Test Your Competence

(30 points)

Task 1. Give the non-assertive equivalents of the words in the first line. (6 points)

1. – Have some more pie!
– Thanks, I am good. I can’t eat !

2. – I think they sometimes gamble for money.
– I don’t think so. I don’t think they do.

3. – Is it still raining in your part of the city?
– No, it isn’t .

4. – I hear John helped you a lot.
– That’s strange. In fairness, he didn’t do .

5. – According to the map, the castle is still a long way from here.
– You’re mistaken! It’s not .

6. – I’ve already finished the book.
– Good for you! I haven’t .

Task 2. Use the appropriate tags. (10 points)

1. All children love sweets, ?

2. She has a jolly good job, ?

3. I am busy here, ?

4. Let’s play charades after dinner, ?

5. Everybody thinks so, ?

6. We can’t just leave him here, ?

7. Don’t be angry, ?

8. He seldom gives interviews, ?

9. Be careful, ?

10. He’d better leave her alone, ?

Task 3. Fill in the gaps so as to show that the same statement applies to a new subject. (6 points)

1. – Look, I am not a history expert.
– I am not, .

2. – I have never been to Wales.
have I.

3. Linda says she hates onions. Frankly, I don’t fancy them, .

4. – I didn’t see anything interesting in Room 4.

5. I know you weren’t in Minsk last week. Well, we.

6. – I could hardly call him a writer…
– I couldn’t, .

Task 4. Translate into English. (8 points)

1. Ни одна из двух программ не читает это видео. (Use British spelling, please.)

2. Можно мне немного кофе?

3. Думаю, что ты не прав насчет Роберта. (Use “transferred negation”.)

4. У тебя нет основания не доверять нам.

5. – Сидней не является столицей Австралии, правда? – Да, не является.

6. Ты их ни в коей мере не интересуешь.

7. Он очень плохой врач. (Use ‘no’.)

(35 points)

Task 1. Provide the missing words for the following non-assertive contexts. (6 points)

1. – I agree with Tom to some extent.
– Well, as for me, I don’t agree with him .

2. – The patient is feeling a lot better today.
– I don’t think he is better.

3. – I’m sure I have already seen this film.
– Let’s watch it for my sake! I haven’t seen it .

4. – Which of the three tarts may I have?
– Take you like!

5. – Have you seen Tim or Harry recently?
– I’m afraid I haven’t seen of them.

6. – He was somehow confused by her words.
– Oh, come on! He wasn’t confused!

Task 2. Fill in the gaps using negation. (12 points)

1. There were scarcely a hundred people present, ?

2. – I will never agree to these humiliating terms!

3. You ought to tell your mom about your low grades, ?

4. She never had to work in her life, ?

5. Sylvia swears she will never go to Ibiza anymore. Her partner won’t, .

6. We used to be very happy in our old house, ?

7. There so little information about Belarusian modernism, ?

8. Don’t forget to cancel the booking, ?

9. – Quebec isn’t a city in France, eh?

10. Let’s never judge people by their appearance, ?

11. I am still a poor driver, ?

12. Anyone would be disappointed with the film’s poor reviews, ?

Task 3. Correct the mistakes by rewriting the incorrect sentence only, this time without the mistake. If there is no mistake, write “Correct”. (6 points)

1. – Dormer is a very good bass-guitarist. – True, but he is no vocalist…
Correct sentence:

2. None of the parents was ready to accept Ben’s choice of profession.
Correct sentence:

3. – Give me an example of a sentence with transferred negation. – “I think you don’t need to worry.”
Correct sentence:

4. Rarely does crime pay as well as he seems to think.
Correct sentence:

5. I couldn’t say nothing, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. So I stood up and objected.
Correct sentence:

6. – I don’t particularly like mussels, I hate the very sight of them! – Either do I.
Correct sentence:

Task 4. Translate into English paying attention to the use of negation. (11 points)

1. Разве он не чудо в этой роли? Ни один другой актер не смог бы так сыграть!

2. Какой непривлекательный человек! Такой вряд ли может вызвать доверие. Translation:

3. У них слишком мало знакомых среди местных, не так ли?

4. Мне тоже не нравятся эти рассказы.

5. В комнате было ни тепло, ни холодно.

6. Его тон слишком неофициальный, правда?

7. Мать Роуз считала Джека ничтожеством. Он ничего не мог с этим поделать.