PART II. Train Your Competence

(45 points)

Task 1. Supply the appropriate articles where necessary to complete the following sentences. (28 points)

1. life is too short to learn more than one business well.
2. That man had extraordinary influence over Jennifer.
3. Since her childhood princess Predslava – future St Evfrosiniya – had been noted for her 1) extraordinary wisdom, 2) education and 3) beauty.
4. Victor was happiest when he was reading or listening to music of Mahler or Beethoven.
5. Teachers are like weather: one minute good, one minute bad.
6. 1) red suits her; she's got 2) sense of 3) style.
7. My uncle is a great specialist in English literature.
8. Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants (Benjamin Franklin).
9. There was tenderness in her voice that moved Paul.
10. It is very difficult to get toothpaste back into the tube.
11. As you know, you need 1) special glue to hang 2) wall-paper.
12. We had time of our lives at Simon’s party.
13. “I’m soaking wet,” said Phillip when he came in from rain.
14. 1) peaceful labour of the people was interrupted by 2) new war.
15. 1) history of Belarus goes back to 2) antiquity.
16. I have horror of spiders.
17. Skaryna received elementary education in his native town.
18. Simeon of Polotsk paid 1) great attention to 2) home education and upbringing. It is 3) common knowledge that Simeon approved of 4) physical punishment.

Task 2. Translate the following into English. Use as many words for the answer as many spaces are underlined. There are no spaces for articles, though. (17 points)

1. What (облегчение) to see you again!

2. (Деятельность) is the foundational key to all success.

3. 1) (Хлеб) in his sack froze greyly; and the taste of 2) (замерзшего хлеба) is horrid. Little spikes of 3) (льда) formed in 4) (сыре). 5) (Консервные банки) of 6) (c джемом) froze.

4. Amanda wants to give her son (хорошее образование).

5. Shall I put (курицу) in your sandwiches?

6. Can you give me / (разумный совет)?

7. (История) has preserved a lot of names of the Radzivill family.

8. I ordered 1) (мороженое) for her and 2) (два кофе).

9. 1) (Успех) is never final, 2) (провал) is never fatal. It’s 3) (смелость) that counts (John Wooden).

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