PART III. Test Your Competence

(22 points)

Task 1. State the type of coordination. (6 points)
1. The rent is reasonable; moreover, the location is perfect.
2. It’s your choice! Either she leaves or I will!
3. George was injured and, therefore, he was unable to play.
4. Lydia liked her new house a lot, but she didn’t like the front yard.
5. He ran out of money, so he had to stop playing poker.
6. He not only remembered my birthday but he also bought me a wonderful gift.

Task 2. Choose the correct alternative. (10 points)
1. You told Mary the truth; it wasn’t very kind of you.
2. You must do the job yourself you’ll have to employ someone else to do it.
3. Folk songs may be hundreds of years old, nobody knows who originally composed them.
4. Video recorders are easy to operate, the younger members of a family can quite
easily record anything they want from the TV.
5. He did not take the money, it was not the right thing to do.
6. The Observer is published in three sections, it comes with a colour magazine.
7. The broadsheets devote much space to serious news, the tabloids concentrate on
‘human interest’ stories.
8. It’s not an easy car to drive, and at $40,000 it is not cheap, .
9. Television can never teach what a book can teach, educators are always trying to
pretend TV’s ability to promote cognitive habits and intellectual discipline.
10. More than 50 radio stations can now be heard regularly in London, many more
operate intermittently.

Task 3. Translate into English. (6 points)
1. Ему пришлось надеть плащ, так как шел дождь.
2. Для профессионала это была легкая задача, тогда как для новичка она была очень трудной.
3. Поговори с Майклом, иначе он обидится.
4. Они копали целый день, однако золота не нашли.
5. Она не только прекрасно поет, но еще и прекрасно танцует.
6. Его поезд отправляется в пять, и наш поезд тоже.

(22 points)

Task 1. State the type of coordination. (6 points)
1. He turned in the research paper on Friday; otherwise, he would not have passed the test.
2. Little Sue didn’t feel scared on the ride, nor did she fear the Chamber of Horrors.
3. You go along with this or else you're going to jail.
4. Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, and most fools do.
5. Cats are good pets, for they are clean and not noisy.
6. I am counting my calories, yet I really want dessert.

Task 2. Choose the correct alternative. (10 points)
1. It is obviously not urgent they would have called us straight away.
2. In Great Britain none of the big national newspapers belongs to a political party; , each
paper has an idea of what kind of reader it is appealing to.
3. Some deeper meanings of cartoons may be beyond a child it’s a convincing way to demonstrate
the destructiveness of anger and selfishness.
4. It is no coincidence that most motivational cartoons are American, the Americans have a
strong belief in the power of the individual to change their destiny.
5. Understanding printed words must be learned, watching pictures does not require any
6. Open University courses are no walkover, we don’t expect you to study without support.
7. The Economist is read by influential businessmen and politicians all over the world; , it
has a wide general readership.
8. Videos, cartoons in particular, have been blamed for our children’s loss of innocence; ,
properly used, they can teach a child as nothing else can.
9. Not only can OU course material be delivered on CD ROM and computer software, over 40,000
students are currently networked by computer from home.
10. In today’s Britain there isn’t big enough pool from which to recruit language teachers; there
isn’t a big number of Britons eager to study foreign languages, .

Task 3. Translate into English. (6 points)
1. Мы не собирались идти на матч, и наши друзья тоже не собирались.
2. Он просидел за компьютером целый день, однако нужной информации так и не нашел.
3. Я не только приготовила обед, но еще и убрала в квартире.
4. Мне не понравился триллер, еще меньше мне понравилась игра актеров.
5. Я мыслю, следовательно, я существую.
6. Джек очень немногословен, а его младший брат – ужасно болтливый человек.