Part 2. Train Your Competence

(25 points)

Task 1. Insert the required Oblique mood form. (12 points)

1. Most parents would rather their children (study) a useful subject leading to a good job.
2. She looks as if she (see) a UFO.
3. Many people wish that fast-food companies (stop) targeting children with advertising.
4. It is time older people (start) listening to what younger people say.
5. I wish I (lie) on the beach at this moment!
6. He doubted if his proposal (be) still important to her.
7. I was shocked that she (not invite) her father to her wedding.
8. My fear was lest my husband (mix up) everything.
9. He insisted that the contract (read) aloud.
10. It was his uncle’s wish that the money (give) to charity.
11. It was suggested that we (start off) as soon as possible.
12. The doctor’s recommendation was that the room (air) every other hour.

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Task 2. Correct the mistakes if any. (6 points)

1. My shoes are wearing out. It is time I some new ones.
2. I wish you more attentive in future.
3. He is shocked that he the course paper by the end of the week.
4. I worry lest the children their lunch boxes.
5. I would rather you me about that incident.
6. He felt as if he never this rule.

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Task 3. Translate the underlined parts into English. (7 points)

1. Do you ever wish that your neighbours сделали потише their music?
2. It is important that she позвонит me when she gets there.
3. I had a panic of fear lest they увидят me naked.
4. I a) бы предпочел you b) не рассказывали anyone about my plans.
5. The boss ordered that the report был закончен in an hour.
6. It looked as though she никогда не имела any feelings for him.

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