PART III. Test Your Competence

(25 points)

Task 1. Insert the required Oblique mood form. (10 points)
1. We are anxious that you (take) part in the debates.
2. He looks as though butter (melt) in his mouth.
3. − What is love? − I wish I (know) the answer.
4. It’s high time you (start) to feel responsible for your family.
5. All the time she fears lest she (be) rejected by the committee.
6. The food tasted and smelt as if no one (bother) to cook it.
7. Marie wondered whether her company (be) going bankrupt.
8. I agree that his idea that we (go) to Alaska in summer was a little bit sudden.
9. Talking through an interpreter wasn't too convenient. I wished I (can) speak better Japanese.
10. It is urgent that he (send) us the information now.

Task 2. Correct the mistakes if any. (7 points)
1. I just wish it a) so for ages and nothing b) !
2. It’s high time you your own living.
3. Every single person suggested he in the search.
4. The children feared the dog should run away.
5. Tom feels as if he home.
6. I am surprised that you him to be your close friend.

Task 3. Translate the underlined parts into English. (8 points)
1. Erik looks словно был в согласии with himself and the universe.
2. It was suggested that we должны привести our own examples.
3. I wish you перестал бы возражать me!
4. Isn’t it детям пора выключить TV and went to bed?
5. The job demands that работник был бы in good physical condition.
6. Our fear was что он не знает anything about this case.
7. It’s vitally important that у этого ребенка была all the care he needs.
8. Do you accept our requirement that товар должен быть доставлен in two weeks’ time?

(25 points)

Task 1. Insert the required Oblique mood form. (14 points)
1. I wish a flying fish (come) on board tonight.
2. When we insisted he (tell) the truth he said he was in no mood for it.
3. What a fuss and what a mess! It looks as if the last preparations for Christmas (make).
4. It was most essential that no one (see) them entering the secret garden.
5. It’s not as if he (want) to hurt you or something. It was just a joke, you know.
6. It is necessary that somebody (sit up) with the child for a couple of hours.
7. How wonderful that someone (think) of everything beforehand!
8. He felt as if he (not work) for twelve hours non-stop.
9. It’s time you (be) doing something with your life.
10. Tara’s apprehension was lest someone (discover) her secret.
11. It appears now as if Cora never a) (love) Martin, as if it b) (be) a bad dream.
12. It was a bad day. Jeremy nearly wished he a) (not refuse) Toni’s offer and now b) (stay) at his place: he wouldn’t be so lonely there.

Task 2. Translate the underlined parts into English. (11 points)
1. Now she wishes she согласилась to marry him.
2. We advise that all the preparations остались secret.
3. When you are looking at the Vesuvius you feel as if it может erupt at any minute.
4. The request is that each member внес ten dollars.
5. It’s time you перестать asking me provocative questions about my personal life.
6. I worry lest he заболеет ill. He is running a temperature.
7. I wish I a) не повзрослел and b) still был a child.
8. It is recommended that everybody проходил a thorough medical check-up every year.
9. I doubt whether his lectures посещаются by so many students: he is not what I would call a good teacher.
10. I expressed my great disbelief that they последуют our advice.