Part 2. Train Your Competence

(25 points)

Task 1. Use the appropriate Oblique mood form in the sentences. (17 points)
1. The wind howled across the deserted runway. If wolves a) (appear) tonight, Mel thought, it b) (be) not surprising.
2. If you (get) lost in the area, ask a policeman.
3. Soames felt that if he a) (not know) the contents of Timothy’s will, he b) (stay) away himself through delicacy.
4. Duncan (be) pressing you for an immediate answer, tell him to wait. He’ll have to.
5. The Stones behaved as though we a) (be) the bitterest of enemies and b) (not be) living next door to each other for twenty-four years.
6. I have made a copy for you lest there (be) any doubts.
7. I will go and see him whatever you (say).
8. a) (make) I a choice, I b) (like) to know whose side you are on.
9. The Admiral spoke loudly and clearly so that he (be) heard.
10. I a) (not marry) him even if he b) (offer) me a million pounds.
11. the fire door (not lock), everyone (escape) from that building.

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Task 2. Translate the underlined parts into English. (8 points)
1. If no one a) не разрешалось бы to ignore the rules, language b) перестал бы developing.
2. If the weather вдруг окажется to be on the miserable side... well, there are alternatives.
3. If they a) взяли a map with them, they b) не заблудились бы now.
4. I took twenty driving lessons so that I сдал my driving test first time.
5. We began talking as if we были old friends.
6. Whatever your problems были, you have no right to behave like that.

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