Part 1. Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions.

1. What is cohesion?

2. What is substitution?

3. What is anaphoric reference?

4. What is cataphoric reference?

5. How can nouns and noun phrases be substituted for?

6. In what cases one/ones cannot be used to substitute for a noun?

7. How are verbs substituted for?

8. When should we use too/either and so/neither?

9. What is the difference between do it/that and do so?

10. How can we substitute for a clause?

11. What is ellipsis?

12. What can be omitted in the predicate position?

13. What is discourse?

14. What is the information principle?

15. What is the end-weight principle?

16. How can focus be achieved in a sentence?

17. What is nominalization?

18. What types of sentence linkers do you know?

19. What is parallelism?

20. What is punctuation?

21. What punctuation marks do you know?

22. How is the apostrophe used in English?

23. What types of brackets do you know? How are they used?

24. What does a colon introduce?

25. What does a comma separate?

26. What does a dash introduce?

27. What do three full stops indicate?

28. How is the hyphen used in English?

29. What does a slant indicate?

30. How should we use quotation marks?

31. When is a semicolon used?