Part 2. Train Your Competence

(25 points)

Task 1. Study the following sentences and answer the questions below. (10 points)
1. Which two sentences show copulative coordination?
      2. Which two sentences show adversative coordination?
          3. Which two sentences show disjunctive coordination?
              4. Which two sentences show causative-consecutive coordination?
                  5. Which two sentences are not compound ones?
                      • A. John must have gone, for nobody answers the call.
                      • B. Either listen to me, or I shall stop reading to you!
                      • C. Sam is a gardener, while his brother is a musician.
                      • D. The child must be asleep, because there is no sound coming from that room.
                      • E. I didn’t recognize the girl, nor did I remember her name.
                      • F. The story was amusing but nobody laughed.
                      • G. Don’t be late, otherwise you may not be let in.
                      • H. The weather being unusually mild for the season, there was no sleighing.
                      • I. The weather was beautiful, so there were plenty of people on the beach.
                      • J. She was familiar with the petty social problems, and they bored her.
                      Explanation for answer:

                      Task 2. Pick the appropriate connector. (10 points)

                      1. She does not speak our language she seems to understand what we say.
                      2. He will not take part in the conference, shall I.
                      3. This is no party question, it touches us not as Liberals or Conservatives, but as citizens.
                      4. Do what I tell you, you’ll be sorry later.
                      5. We could not believe Bush’s statements, reliable was his body language and mimics.
                      6. A dog may be a good companion for the elderly, , the need to take it for walks may be a disadvantage.
                      7. I never suggested that he was incompetent, did I imply that he was dishonest.
                      8. did I remember the girl’s name, but I also knew everything about her family.
                      9. All the ladies brought pies and cakes, they had coffee and tea and punch.
                      10. Brendan grew up in one of Ireland’s western counties, he is a great connoisseur of all things Irish.
                      Explanation for answer:
                      Task 3. Read the text below and insert the missing connectors from the box. One is extra. (5 points)
                      hence but However for Not only
                      Gold has always been a scarce metal. (1) ..., it is a metal with certain extremely
                      characteristics. For example, it can easily be hammered into different shapes, owing to its
                      softness. (2) ..., it can be drawn into a wire, with one gram of metal stretching to a
                      length of
                      nearly three kilometres.
                      In addition to its use in jewellery, gold has found other, more practical applications. For
                      instance, gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and (3) ... is extremely useful in
                      electronics industry, for items such as electrical contacts. (4) ... is it used nowadays
                      connectors of the more expensive audio, video and USB cables, (5) ... it is also part of a
                      modern cell phone, worth about 50 cents.
                      Explanation for answer: