Part 1. Test Your Knowledge

Answer the questions.

1. In what adverbial clauses is Subjunctive II used?

2. What clauses can be introduced by the conjunctions as if, as though?

3. What oblique mood is used in the principal clause of a complex sentence with a subordinate clause of unreal condition containing Subjunctive II?

4. What is split condition? How are the forms of Subjunctive II and the Conditional Mood distributed in such cases?

5. What modal verbs can be used in Subjunctive II to express an unreal action?

6. What is the difference between the forms of the Conditional Mood and the Suppositional Mood?

7. What is the difference between Subjunctive I and the Suppositional Mood?

8. Is inversion in adverbial clauses of condition typical of literary or colloquial style? Give examples of inversion in three types of conditional clauses.

9. What oblique moods are used in adverbial clauses of concession?

10. What conjunctions are used to introduce adverbial clauses of purpose? What oblique moods are used in such clauses?