PART III. Test Your Competence

(20 points)

Task 1. Define the type of the adverbial clause. (7 points)
  • She looked at me as if I were a ghost.
  • You are to drive tonight no matter how hard it is.
  • The singer cancelled her performance on account of the fact that she was feeling unwell.
  • Everywhere David goes, people ask him for his autograph.
  • As I was going upstairs, I heard a strange noise.
  • Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it is not the work he is supposed to do.
  • The girl was so sad that I decided to cheer her up.
  • time
  • cause
  • result
  • condition
  • concession
  • comparison
  • place

Task 2. Insert the appropriate connector. (7 points)
1. The smell of those little fishes will follow me I go.
2. Book well in advance they sell out.
3. She put on dark glasses nobody should see her bruise.
4. Don’t answer the door there is someone else in the house.
5. I liked Germany, I couldn’t live there.
6. he came into the room, I recognized him.
7. you refuse to answer my letters, I am referring this matter to my lawyers.

Task 3. Translate the underlined parts into English. (6 points)
1. The woman ignored the young man completely; she felt that поскольку she had got there first, now she could talk to her heart’s content.
2. Do the exercise carefully чтобы не you should rewrite it.
3. The man behaved словно he were in real danger.
4. I am doing it как I was told.
5. “ Кто бы не it might be I will kill him!” he whispered.
6. He’ll take some extra traveller’s cheques на тот случай, если he runs out of money.

(25 points)

Task 1. Define the type of clause in the following sentences. (17 points)
1. Where he comes from I do not know. clause
2. This is the reading hall where I used to study. clause
3. Where the money came from was not important. clause
4. This is where he lives. clause
5. The party were going where the guide led them. clause of
6. I wonder if he will arrive tomorrow. clause
7. If he arrives tomorrow, he’ll be present at the meeting. clause of
8. He behaved as if he did not know about the accident. clause of
9. She felt as though she were young again. clause
10. He turned away so that Diana should not see his disappointment. clause of
11. The performance was so tiring that I fell asleep. clause of
12. Traffic is getting worse on account of the fact that more people are buying cars. clause of
13. Legislation is needed in order that this problem may be dealt with effectively. clause of
14. Whatever women do, they must do it twice as well as men to be thought half as good. clause of
15. There was no response to his appeal unless mournful silence may be called a response. clause of
16. Now that you have arrived, we can begin. clause of
17. He is a talented artist, as his father used to be. clause of

Task 2. Correct the mistakes. (8 points)
1. Take the files with you you need to refer to them.
2. he has bought a new car, he does not need to take a bus every morning.
3. we went to bed, it was nearly morning.
4. It was such an interesting book I could not put it down.
5. Copy out the examples and study them thoroughly you should not make mistakes in the construction.
6. I was just curious, it was not any of my business.
7. She cried out she had been stung by a wasp.
8. you say, I still can’t really forgive you for what you have done.