PART III. Test Your Competence

(30 points)

Task 1. Define the type of the attributive clause in the following sentences. (11 points)

1. He who does nothing never makes mistakes.

2. Sam lent me some money, which was very kind of him.

3. Kate admitted the fact that she couldn’t cope with the problem on her own.

4. Jack has a number of watches, some of which are solid gold.

5. The woman who won the lottery gave an interview to the newspaper.

Task 2. Choose the correct relative pronoun. Sometimes two options are possible. (9 points)

on which when that
1. 9th November 1989 was the day ... the Berlin Wall fell.

which whose who
2. Queen Victoria is the only British monarch ... had nine children.

of whom which his whose
3. Genghis Khan was a ruler ... empire stretched from China to the Middle East.

in which that where
4. This is the place ... King Philip II lived and died.

for who for whom which
5. Delfina Potocka was the Polish noblewoman ... Chopin wrote his famous Minute Waltz.

none of which that none of whom
6. We interviewed fourteen applicants for the post, ... we thought suitable.

what that which
7. Winston Churchill lost the 1945 election, ... was rather unexpected.

that where which
8. You can buy this dish, ... is made from organic wheat, from your local supermarket.

that who which
9. Napoleon Bonaparte, ... was born in Corsica, was France’s greatest military leader.

Task 3. Insert the required word or form of the word. (10 points)
1. Every portrait is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter.
2. This is the town my favourite singer lives.
3. Name the character nose grows when he tells lies.
4. The weather is very cold at this time of year, is why I don’t go out much.
5. I placed an order for the monograph to the professor was referring in his yesterday’s lecture.
6. The reason she left her job was that she didn’t get on with her boss.
7. My friend Peter, has just moved to Wales, sent me a long letter.
8. It is the most interesting book I have ever read!
9. The girl to you were talking is my niece.
10. Tom is reading the book he bought yesterday.

Task 4. Translate the underlined parts into English. (6 points)
1. My brother, которому только 18 лет, is going to get married.

2. Joanne Rowling is a British novelist чьи books gained worldwide attention.

3. The air который surrounds us consists of various elements.

4. They ran to the spot в котором they had hidden the money.

5. The police were looking for ту женщину, которая had kidnapped the child.

6. Harold never phones before visiting, что is annoying.

(30 points)

Task 1. Define the type of the attributive clause in the following sentences. (11 points)

1. Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, which led to his exile.

2. The novel is set in the period when the divide between the rich and poor was much more marked than it is today.

3. Do you know the reason why he disappeared?

4. Would all those who have booked dinner please go the restaurant?

5. The book, which is rather long, covers the politician’s entire life.

Task 2. Read the text below and insert the missing relative pronouns. (10 points)
Jane Austen, (1) novels feature many clergymen, had two brothers (2) joined the church, and two others (3) careers in the navy are also reflected in her novels, in (4) several naval officers appear. She also had a sister, Cassandra, with (5) she had a close relationship. They exchanged frequent letters, from (6) historians have learnt much about what Jane was doing and thinking during a life (7) was fairly uneventful. All (8) we know of Jane Austen’s appearance is based on Cassandra’s coloured sketch hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London. We know Jane was encouraged to write by her brother Henry, (9) also wrote himself, and that the family borrowed novels from the local library, (10) influenced Jane’s writing.

Task 3. Replace the underlined parts of each sentence with attributive clauses, using a word or a phrase from the list. Use commas if necessary. (7 points)
all of whom / none of which / Why / into which / when / many of which / among whom
1. They have a great range of designer jackets .
2. The patients had to undergo a series of tests.
3. In Scotland, December 31st is a day .
4. The children had no idea of the adventure .
5. We looked at three or four second-hand cars, .
6. Do you know the reason ?
7. The college entered over a hundred students for the exam, .

Task 4. Correct the mistakes. (8 points)
1. We are going to see the new James Bond film everybody is talking about.
2. The charity event raised over £1,000 for St Andrew’s Hospice opened last year.
3. High taxation is often the main reason governments fall.
4. The new buyer identified a dozen new sources for the material, proved to be reliable.
5. Jack has prepared his favourite dish he is about to eat.
6. He presented the visiting ambassador with a genuine Ming vase, was worth over $10,000.
7. I had always wanted to take Graham to the city .
8. Orders for we have received payment will be processed immediately.