U N I T 11


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B. Make up your own sentences with these words in writing.
  • acquisition
  • (market) capitalisation
  • insider trading
  • to fund
  • to go public
  • to fluctuate
  • offering
  • to rally
  • revenue
  • revival
  • to surge
  • to total
  • to tumble
  • underwriter
  • something, such as stock, that is offered
  • the illegal buying and selling of securities by persons who have access to privileged business information
  • to fall or decline rapidly
  • to return to a better position
  • to increase suddenly
  • income
  • a company that administers the public issuance and distribution of securities from a corporation
  • when something becomes more active or popular again
  • to amount to
  • to vary irregularly (of prices, rates, etc.)
  • the purchase of an asset such as a plant, a division, or even an entire company
  • a company’s outstanding shares multiplied by its share price
  • to provide the money to pay for something
  • to issue stock for sale to the general public

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
acquisition capitalization insider trading to fund is fluctuating initial public offering rallied revenue revival surged totaled tumbled underwriter
  1. Эта влиятельная трансконтинентальная корпорация собирается финансировать - ... исследования в области энергосбережения.
  2. Различные фонды специализируются на инвестициях в компании высокой, средней или малой капитализации - ... .
  3. Приобретение - ... ценных бумаг этих фондов лучше всего рассматривать как метод диверсификации инвестиционного портфеля.
  4. По прогнозам аналитиков, прибыль - ... компании до налогообложения составит $373 млн.
  5. Российская золотодобывающая компания во второй раз отложила процедуру первичного размещения акций на бирже - ... .
  6. Акции Google стремительно подорожали - ... , а потом резко упали в цене - ... .
  7. После падения цены на нефть снова выросли - ... .
  8. На российском рынке грузовых автомобилей летнее затишье сменилось заметным оживлением - ... .
  9. Инвестор не признает себя виновным и отрицает использование внутренней информации - ... во время проведения операций с акциями французского банка.
  10. На данный момент индекс РТС колеблется - ... немного ниже ключевого уровня в 2300 пунктов при низкой рыночной активности.
  11. Сумма сделки составила - ... 3,4 млрд дол.
  12. Гарантом - ... выпуска еврооблигаций ОАО «Сибнефть» является компания «Salomon Brothers AG».

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • credit
  • fall sharply
  • finance
  • income
  • increase suddenly
  • purchase
  • recover
  • revival
  • total
  • vary
  • fund
  • surge
  • rallying
  • loan
  • fluctuate
  • amount to
  • acquisition
  • revenue
  • rally
  • tumble

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
acquisition capitalisation boosted insider trading funded go public offering proceeds
  1. China Construction Bank Corp. was the first of the nation’s four largest to ... in October 2005, raising $9.2 billion selling shares in Hong Kong.
  2. A former broker at Bear Stearns, Ken Okada, is expected to plead guilty in an ... case, becoming the ninth person to admit wrongdoing in a scheme that also involved employees at UBS and Morgan Stanley.
  3. Och-Ziff, which raised $1.15 billion with its initial public ... of stock late on Tuesday, ended the day down $1.35 a share, closing at $30.65.
  4. Agriculture-related companies have been having a good year, with crop prices ... by growing global affluence and demand for corn-based ethanol as a substitute for petroleum.
  5. NBC Universal completed its ... of the Oxygen cable channel yesterday and named Lauren Zalaznick as the new executive in charge.
  6. Experts predicted that Google’s stock could be worth more than Microsoft’s by 2010 and that the search company’s market ... could surpass $500 billion.
  7. The acquisition was ... by a combination of ESCO’s existing cash and borrowings under a new $330 million credit.
  8. The ... could have been used to refinance debt, pay a dividend to frustrated shareholders and reinvest in core operations.

5. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
netted premier revival surged totaled tumbled underwriter
  1. It is not that commercial radio has died but it needs a ...: the share prices of the three largest players were all heading towards a flatline.
  2. Dow Jones shares ... , gaining more than 57 per cent in a single day.
  3. For the full year, Ford said net earnings ... $495m, or 27 cents a share.
  4. The dollar ... to record lows against the euro and the Swiss franc this week and hit its weakest levels for 2½ years against the yen.
  5. The sale ... $15m (€10.4m, £7.2m), smashing records for the highest valued Arab and Iranian artists at auction.
  6. Goldman Sachs is no longer backing the deal. Now Deutsche Bank Securities is serving as the IPO’s lead ... .
  7. Massive Entertainment, founded in 1997, is a ... producer of games and interactive entertainment for a worldwide market.

6. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • initial public
  • offering
  • common
  • to fund
  • the Securities and Exchange
  • to total
  • insider
  • premier
  • complementary
  • trade
  • research
  • Commission
  • $48 million
  • volume
  • supplier
  • stock
  • products
  • offering
  • price
  • trading

7. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. Companies which are interested in becoming publicly traded must file documents the SEC before making an initial public offering.
  2. Diagnostic test maker BG Medicine Inc. plans to list shares the Nasdaq Global Market.
  3. The company’s shares are quoted on the Canadian Dealing Network the symbol “PLLM”.
  4. The Federal Reserve cut key interest rates a quarter point Wednesday, citing the need to support the distressed housing and financial sectors.
  5. Fifty-five of 60 economists polled by Reuters reckon the Bank will leave rates 5.75 per cent on Thursday with five predicting a quarter-point cut.
  6. Many have been very concerned about a raise the gas tax.
  7. SGI announced today that it has been advised by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that its common stock – ticker symbol SGI – will no longer be traded the NYSE.
  8. Among the stocks the index, 49 rose, 60 fell and 93 were unchanged.
  9. Crude oil prices recently surged an all-time high of $99.29 a barrel.
  10. The increase oil production should help to keep prices in check for the time being and discourage investments in alternative energy sources.
  11. GVI Holdings, one of the Chicago tycoon’s business holdings, last month purchased almost $20 million worth of stock American Commercial Lines.
  12. The pound rallied 0.5 per cent the dollar on Friday, hitting another 26-year high at $2.37.
  13. Analysts expect a 2 per cent drop fourth-quarter radio sector revenue, as concerns about the US economy and a spending shift to online properties lead advertisers to spend less.

8. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
boosted go public guaranteed netted finance plunged premier proceeds purchasing recovery soared totaled
  1. After this agreement, the companies will fund - ... the venture equally.
  2. US stocks closed higher on Wednesday, encouraged - ... by market hopes of an early cut in interest rates by the Federal Reserve.
  3. Shares in Fiberweb tumbled - ... 27 per cent after the fabric supplier warned that weak sales and rising costs would nearly wipe out full-year profits.
  4. Tarrytown, a NY-based pharmaceutical company, said it will receive roughly $4.7 million in net revenues - ... from the offering.
  5. The once-sleepy nasal and ear care sectors are seeing a revival - ... as new product advancements have hit the market.
  6. Gulf investors have spent more than $70 billion on acquiring - ... foreign companies this year, twice as much as in 2005, to reduce reliance on oil revenue.
  7. Parallel Petroleum (NASDAQ:PLLL) Corp. said Tuesday it would sell 3.million shares of its common stock in an underwritten - ... public offering.
  8. Spartan Motors, which also manufactures emergency rescue vehicles under the brand name of Crimson Fire, reported sales of $445 million in 2006 and is focused on becoming the leading - ... manufacturer of specialty vehicles in North America.
  9. Share prices of Chinese banks have surged - ... even more quickly than those of their western peers have plunged.
  10. TomoTherapy, which obtained - ... about $180 million during an initial public offering of stock in May, will not receive any proceeds from the sale of the shares.
  11. Vietcombank will make an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares - ... this year in line with the Government’s decision, a bank senior official said.
  12. French industrial champions are expected to secure contracts amounted - ... to €10bn ($15bn) during the week-long visit to Beijing by the French President.