U N I T 6


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • asylum
  • ceasefire
  • disarmament
  • ethnic cleansing
  • exodus
  • genocide
  • to intervene
  • to mediate
  • reconciliation
  • refugee
  • sanctions
  • someone who has been forced to leave their country for political reasons or during a war
  • the mass expulsion and/or killing of one ethic or religious group in an area by another ethnic or religious group in that area
  • the killing of a whole group of people, esp. a whole race
  • bringing back of friendly relations
  • a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment
  • to act as a peacemaker between opposing sides
  • act of reducing or depriving of arms
  • an agreement to stop fighting for a certain period, esp. so that a more lasting peace agreement can be established
  • measures taken by a state to coerce another to conform to an international agreement or norms of conduct, typically in the form of restrictions on trade or official sporting participation
  • protection and shelter, esp. given by one country to people who have left another for political reasons
  • to come between disputing people, groups, etc.

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
asylum ceasefire disarmament ethnic cleansing exodus genocide to intervene to mediate reconciliation refugee sanctions
  1. В конце 1948 года после долгих и кровопролитных боев обе воюющие стороны заключили соглашение о прекращении огня - ... .
  2. Локальные боевые столкновения на юге России спровоцировали массовый исход - ... беженцев.
  3. Где-то за месяц до 9 августа японское правительство обратилось к СССР с просьбой выступить посредником - ... в мирных переговорах между Токио и Вашингтоном.
  4. Израиль ожидает от главы Палестинской национальной администрации разоружения - ... радикалов, а не переговоров о прекращении атак.
  5. Но для ООН признать факт геноцида - ... – значит поставить себя в трудное положение: необходимо будет немедленно вмешаться - ... в конфликт.
  6. Массовые казни, этнические чистки - ... , разрушение исторических памятников, официальное возрождение рабства — этот список преступлений ИГ далеко не полон.
  7. По международным законам беженец - ... может просить убежище - ... только в той стране, куда он прибыл.
  8. Пан Ги Мун неоднократно заявлял, что намерен способствовать межкорейскому примирению - ... и разрешению северокорейской ядерной проблемы.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • act as a peacemaker
  • agreement
  • ceasefire
  • embargo
  • flight
  • interfere
  • mass slaughter
  • refuge
  • refugee
  • talks
  • exodus
  • intervene
  • asylum
  • truce
  • negotiations
  • mediate
  • fugitive
  • accord
  • sanctions
  • genocide

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
asylum ceasefire disarmament ethnic cleansing exodus intervene mediator reconciliation refugees sanctions
  1. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek ... and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country.
  2. The ceasefire was overseen by the UN ... Mr. Folke Bernadotte.
  3. In 1994 the Great Lakes region saw the largest and fastest refugee ... in history, as over two million refugees streamed out of Rwanda.
  4. At the tactical level, ... operations are divided into five steps: locate arms, collect, transport, store, and dispose/destroy them.
  5. International observers were sent to monitor the ... between Israel and the Arab states.
  6. The camps have been operating since the early 1990's, largely as a result of the influx of ... fleeing the various conflicts and incidents of ... to the south.
  7. ... have three general purposes: to signal disapproval of behavior by a certain actor, to maintain neutral standing in an ongoing conflict, or in the hopes of limiting the resources an actor has to inflict violence on others.
  8. ... after violent conflict is a task for generations of society and cannot be enforced from outside.
  9. Many Iranians want military to ... against Isis.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • peace
  • to mediate
  • nuclear
  • to impose
  • to seek
  • ethnic
  • mass
  • unconditional
  • humanitarian
  • cleansing
  • asylum
  • surrender
  • intervention
  • exodus
  • a ceasefire
  • treaty
  • sanctions
  • disarmament

6. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. The term crimes humanity has come to mean anything atrocious committed on a large scale.
  2. On Nov. 13, Iraq declared that it would fully comply the UN Resolution which called on Iraq to rapidly and effectively clear its territories of weapons of mass destruction.
  3. The National Movement for Recovery and Development (MNRD), a splinter rebel group in Sudan`s western region of Darfur has called the involvement of all warring groups in the African Union-mediated peace talks which resumed Thursday in Abuja, Nigeria.
  4. The massive exodus Kosovo of more than 619,000 refugees and the internal displacement of an estimated 700,000 people have created an international refugee crisis.
  5. The African Union (AU) mediator the Darfur conflict in western Sudan acknowledged on Friday criticism by UN chief Kofi Annan about the stagnation of peace talks between the government and rebel groups.
  6. A fragile ceasefire came effect in April 2004 but new violence has broken in the past weeks.
  7. US Ambassador is planning to come to Batumi again to mediate talks Georgia and Adjaria.
  8. Federal soldiers aimed the upper windows where the sharpshooters were.

7. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
armistice broker deteriorating deal incursion interfered blue helmets refuge turmoil
  1. Announced by President Joseph Estrada, the deadline calls for a working peace accord - ... – or the launch of a full-scale military assault against the MILF.
  2. The most important cause of unrest - ... among the thousands of former Philippine insurgents is the slow pace of implementing the four-year-old peace treaty.
  3. US Ambassador to Georgia Richard Miles arrived in Batumi yesterday to mediate - ... talks between Georgia and Adjaria.
  4. A buffer zone patrolled by 6,000 UN troops and 4,000 French peacekeepers - ... separates northern-based rebel fighters and Ivory Coast loyalist forces.
  5. The security situation is worsening - ... , as there are reported clashes in the west between different Nuer tribes.
  6. A cessation of armed hostilities - ... between the warring parties and political stability is indispensable if reconstruction measures are to have a lasting effect.
  7. During the Korean War (1950-1953), US and other UN forces intervened - ... to defend South Korea from North Korean attacks supported by the Chinese.
  8. The earlier raid - ... was the first time Israeli troops had entered a self-rule area since the hand-over of territory to the Palestinian authority in 1994.
  9. The United Kingdom will continue to offer asylum - ... to those in genuine fear of political persecution in their own country.

8. Complete the word forms chart.
Noun Agent Noun Verb