U N I T 9


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • to appeal
  • clemency
  • to commute
  • to condemn
  • death row
  • deterrent
  • inmate
  • parole
  • penalty
  • probation
  • remorse
  • sentence
  • to spare
  • a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
  • sth. that prevents from acting esp. by arousing doubt or fear
  • a punishment that a judge gives to someone who is guilty of a crime
  • a strong feeling of being sorry that you have done something very bad
  • permission for someone to leave prison, on the condition that they promise to behave well
  • a punishment for breaking a law, rule, or legal agreement
  • to formally ask a higher law court to change the decision of a lower court of law
  • the part of a prison in which those prisoners kept who will be punished by death
  • leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice
  • to state the punishment for a guilty person, esp. a punishment of death or long imprisonment
  • a period of time when a criminal must behave well and not commit any more crimes in order to avoid being sent to prison
  • to treat with mercy or leniency; refrain from killing, injuring, troubling, or distressing; save
  • to make a punishment less severe

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
to appeal clemency to commute condemned the death penalty death row deterrent inmates parole penalty probation remorse sentence spared penalty
  1. Адвокаты осужденного намерены обжаловать - ... смертный приговор в кассационном суде, однако они считают, что шансов на отмену вынесенного сегодня вердикта мало.
  2. Сегодня каждый третий осужденный отбывает срок - ... за тяжкое преступление, а это значит за грабеж, убийство или изнасилование.
  3. Поскольку в тюрьмах просто не осталось мест, пришлось смягчить - ... им меру наказания - ... и освободить условно-досрочно.
  4. Власти Мексики разыскивают более ста заключенных - ... , сбежавших из тюрьмы строгого режима Канкун.
  5. Энтузиазм по поводу смертной казни постепенно угасает: люди все меньше верят в нее как в средство устрашения - ... .
  6. На закрытом слушании дела преступник не выразил раскаяния - ... в содеянном и своей вины не признал.
  7. За последние десять месяцев президентом помиловано - ... лишь восемь человек.
  8. В Саудовской Аравии 35-летнего артиста и поэта приговорили - ... к смертной казни - ... за отречение от ислама.
  9. Мужчина провел в камере смертников - ... в тюрьме штата Небраска 30 лет и умер, не дождавшись казни.
  10. Максимальное наказание - ... по статье 282 предусматривает до 5 лет лишения свободы, однако в реальности подсудимым в основном назначают условный срок - ... .
  11. О помиловании - ... осужденный просить не хочет, а его просьбу об условно-досрочном - ... освобождении суд отклонил.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • the death penalty
  • deep regret
  • eliminate
  • find guilty
  • mercy
  • pardon
  • prisoner
  • punishment
  • reduce
  • killer
  • abolish
  • clemency
  • capital punishment
  • inmate
  • condemn
  • commute
  • remorse
  • murderer
  • spare
  • penalty

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
appeal clemency commute condemned death row deterrent inmate parole penalty probation remorse sentence spare
  1. While acknowledging their client’s guilt, defense attorneys asked the Governor to ... his ... from death to life in prison.
  2. Recently, students at 80 colleges in USA asked their schools to reduce ... for marijuana possession.
  3. The NC Court has rejected an ... from a Lexington man concerning his conviction for assaulting a police officer.
  4. An Ohio death row ... scheduled to die next month for fatally shooting a man while hitchhiking is asking Gov. Ted Strickland for ... , saying he’s a changed person.
  5. The killer is scheduled to be executed June 18th and is asking the board to ... his life and sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of ... .
  6. Prosecutors hoped stringent punishment would act as a ... for other drug criminals.
  7. John Gardner, the confessed killer of two San Diego County teens, expressed ... for his crimes.
  8. In 2007, the movie star was arrested for DUI and as a result she was put on ... and was ordered to attend an alcohol education course once a week.
  9. A Maryland man who spent two years on ... and was later released from prison after his sentence had been reduced because of DNA evidence, said at a news conference it was time to end a law that could cause an innocent person to be put to death.
  10. A Lebanese TV psychic was ... to death for witchcraft by a Saudi court.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • the condemned
  • to serve
  • premeditated
  • miscarriage
  • to appeal
  • firing
  • death row
  • lethal
  • to file
  • to grant
  • clemency
  • to the European Court
  • of justice
  • inmate
  • an appeal
  • a life term
  • squad
  • cell
  • murder
  • injection

6. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. Do you think the capital punishment serves as a deterrent violent criminals?
  2. A disgraced former federal court judge has lost an appeal the jail sentence he is serving for lying to avoid a speeding fine.
  3. A woman who was jailed after jumping off the Humber Bridge with her toddler daughter has been freed appeal.
  4. A 21 year old Kurdish woman was condemned death in Iran for extra marital sexual relations.
  5. There are currently eight women in Iranian prisons waiting to be executed stoning, a practice usually reserved for those found guilty of adultery.
  6. Carty, who was found guilty of capital murder in February 2002, is one of 10 women death row in Texas.
  7. The 23 year old actress was put probation after pleading guilty to cocaine use and driving under the influence of alcohol.
  8. Jurors recommended that the convict not be put death but said he should spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of a homeless man.
  9. Under Texas law, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has the exclusive power to commute a sentence of death life in prison.
  10. Nichols will have to spend at least 38-years behind bars before he’s eligible parole.

7. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
capital punishment sentenced miscarriage of justice offenses pardon prisoners put to death redemption
  1. If all the appeals fail and the death penalty is in effect, the Carr brothers will be executed - ... by lethal injection.
  2. The death penalty - ... is sanctioned by 38 of the country’s 50 states, each with its own definition of capital crimes and chosen method of execution.
  3. On Thanksgiving night in 1998, seven death row inmates - ... attempted a breakout from a maximum-security federal prison in Florence, Colorado.
  4. 32 years after the fact, a South Korean court has had the courage to admit to a grave judicial error - ... which resulted in the execution of eight young men.
  5. When the victim’s brother finally read one of the convict’s letters that he’d received for years, he was impressed with the sincerity of the prisoner’s search for atonement - ... .
  6. President Bush received more than a thousand clemency - ... requests, and granted none.
  7. In Arizona, juries determine whether people found guilty of capital crimes - ... are sentenced to death or life in prison.
  8. Indonesia executed eight prisoners condemned - ... to death for drug offences.

8. Complete the word forms chart.
Verb Noun Agent Noun Adjective