U N I T 10


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • assets
  • blue chips
  • bond
  • dividend
  • established
  • exchange
  • industrials
  • to list (shares)
  • interest
  • to mature
  • proceeds
  • securities
  • stocks
  • ticker symbol
  • volatile
  • shares of companies manufacturing, producing, or distributing goods and services
  • the shares of a particular company, type of company, or industry
  • a code used to uniquely identify shares of a publicly-traded corporation on a particular stock market
  • to admit a security for trading on an organized exchange
  • the property of a company that has value and that may be sold to pay a debt
  • that part of the money made by a business which is divided among those who own shares in the business
  • evidence of debt or ownership, such as stocks, bonds, etc.
  • tending to be subject to large price fluctuations
  • shares of well-established companies that pay regular dividends, valued by investors seeking relative safety and stability, though prices per share are usually high
  • the amount received from the sale of an asset
  • well-known and reputable
  • an official paper promising to pay back with interest and at a fixed time the sum of money which a government or company borrowed form the person who holds it
  • a place where business people meet to buy and sell shares, goods, etc.
  • the charge for the privilege of borrowing money, typically expressed as an annual percentage rate
  • to cease to exist; to expire

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
assets blue chips bonds dividend established stock exchange industrials list interest rate mature proceeds securities shares ticker symbol volatile
  1. Российский фондовый рынок вслед за мировыми площадками завершил сегодняшнюю торговую сессию в красных тонах. Исключением стали лишь две «голубые фишки - ... » – бумаги «Норникеля» и НОВАТЭКа.
  2. Компания, 100 процентов акций - ... которой принадлежит государству, выпустила в обращение годовые облигации - ... на общую сумму 4 млн крон.
  3. Каждая облигация имеет 6 купонных периодов. Процентная ставка - ... является постоянной на весь срок обращения облигаций и составляет 12.процентов годовых.
  4. Сумма, выплачиваемая в качестве дивиденда - ... по каждой привилегированной акции, устанавливается в размере 1 (один) доллар на одну привилегированную акцию.
  5. PAM Systems – признанный - ... лидер ИТ-консалтинга и разработки программного обеспечения для мирового рынка.
  6. Активы - ... фонда довольно диверсифицированы. Его средства вложены в акции промышленных предприятий - ... , торгуемых на многих финансовых рынках мира.
  7. Национальный сберегательный банк потенциально может провести листинг - ... своих акций на лондонской фондовой бирже - ... .
  8. Несмотря на обвал, выплаты по принадлежащим инвесторам облигациям, погашение которых наступает - ... не позднее 1998 г., будут производиться денежными средствами в полном объеме.
  9. Рынок акций – это рынок, на котором продаются и покупаются ценные бумаги - ... , чья стоимость определяется спросом и предложением.
  10. По итогам 9 месяцев 2007 года выручка - ... компании по международным стандартам составила 888,3 млн дол., что на 33 процента выше аналогичного показателя 2006 года.
  11. Предполагается, что акции фонда Equity Gold Trust будут торговаться на Нью-Йоркской фондовой бирже под тикером - ... «GLD».
  12. В пятницу торги на американском фондовом рынке носили крайне неустойчивый - ... характер.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • buy
  • expensive
  • famous
  • fee
  • firm
  • property
  • profits
  • save
  • unpredictable
  • yearly
  • costly
  • business
  • economize
  • purchase
  • proceeds
  • charge
  • volatile
  • annual
  • established
  • assets

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
assets blue chip bond controlling stake dividend established exchange industrials interest listed mature proceeds share ticker symbol volatile
  1. ... has become a generic term for “quality” shares.
  2. If you have the funds, an easier and more effective way to gather business data is to work with an ... research company.
  3. ... markets, particularly last August, helped boost earnings at the London Stock ... by 24 per cent in the six months to the end of September to £203.1m, ahead of analysts’ estimates.
  4. Britain’s largest commercial broadcaster, rejected an offer to buy a ... of 51 per cent in the company from Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  5. ... from the art sales are sent back to Kabul to feed and clothe students attending a school for underprivileged children.
  6. The Pacific Stock Exchange recently closed an alliance with Archipelago ECN to offer ... securities on their new combined exchange, Archipelago Exchange.
  7. Rockland Trust Company currently has approximately $2.7 billion in ... .
  8. “Although we acknowledge the numerous benefits of elevated energy prices to Caterpillar and other ... , we believe the price of oil approaching $100 per barrel poses risk to economic growth in a number of economies not reliant on oil exports,” the broker said.
  9. The company’s shares will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ... “UAM” beginning Dec. 3.
  10. The 5-year ... pays 9.35 per cent ... annually.
  11. Venezuela launched a $1.5 billion debt issue on Monday, including $750 million in international bonds that will ... in 2038.
  12. A ... of 4.25 cents a ... will be payable Jan. 31.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • blue
  • board
  • common
  • face
  • financial
  • initial
  • interest
  • listing
  • share
  • ticker
  • shares
  • capital
  • holder
  • rate
  • chip
  • fee
  • value
  • of directors
  • symbol
  • center

6. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • annual shareholder
  • controlling
  • demand and
  • established
  • interest
  • mature
  • stock
  • listing
  • par
  • well-
  • stocks
  • payments
  • meeting
  • bond
  • supply
  • costs
  • stock
  • value
  • established
  • exchange

7. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. Northern Shield Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that its common shares will be listed for trading today the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the symbol N9S.
  2. Regulators are probing whether Citigroup traders manipulated the market by selling 12.4 billion euros ($16 billion) of European government bonds before buying them back a profit.
  3. South Korea’s Lotte Group on Friday denied a newspaper report that it is talks with S-Oil Corp. for a possible purchase of a controlling stake South Korea’s third-biggest refiner.
  4. Capital Bank Corporation announced that its Board of Directors approved a quarterly cash dividend its common stock of $0.06 per share.
  5. Traders worldwide deal stocks and currencies over Reuters’s electronic-trading systems.
  6. Non-executive directors are threatening to resign from their positions the board at supermarket group Morrisons over its failure to appoint a chief executive.
  7. Renewable Energy Holdings PLC said chairman John Baker has bought 40000 shares 63 pence apiece. He now holds 40001 shares the company.
  8. Budgeting prevents you from running into debt that you will definitely have to repay interest.
  9. Holders of Preferred Shares are entitled quarterly fixed cumulative dividends equal to $0.3187 per Preferred Share.
  10. The owners of this preferred stock can convert it regular stock for $14.48 per share.
  11. Legends tell that millions of dollars gold were secretly recovered from the collapsed towers.

8. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
annual assets closed deal dealers established estimated list interest par proceeds shares volatile
  1. The bond pays a rate - ... of 6.71 per cent and is open to those with a minimum investment of £5000.
  2. European equities - ... fell on Wednesday, after losses on Wall Street, but Sanofi-Aventis was sharply higher after successfully defending the patent on its Plavix blood thinner.
  3. Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer of packaging products MegaPak has secured - ... a contract to manufacture and export 300 000 crates to Zambia as the company broadens its foothold in the exports market.
  4. Members of the Belarussian Currency Stock Exchange entitled to trade - ... in securities are stockholders who are professional participants in the securities market.
  5. Foreign exchange traders - ... have attributed the shilling’s latest rally to dollar flows from agriculture and tourism, plus an anticipation of large capital flows into the country.
  6. Sentiment surrounding the banking stocks, which have been very unstable - ... since the credit crisis developed over the summer, remained very changeable.
  7. Recently, the board has received several preliminary expressions of interest to buy the shares or the property - ... of the company.
  8. The firm is optimistic that its partnership with a reputable - ... company such as Eqarat.com will yield results, which will exceed all its expectations.
  9. Transeuro Energy Corp. (OSLO:TSU) is pleased to announce that it has issued 150 bonds (the “Bonds”) each with a face - ... value of $100 000.
  10. HP has reached the $100 billion mark in yearly - ... sales.
  11. K12 plans to float - ... its shares on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “LRN.”
  12. Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) today reported that net earnings - ... for the third quarter, which ended November 3, 2007, increased 26 per cent to $238 million.
  13. In a statement filed with the Hong Kong stock exchange, the company assessed - ... that production suspension over the two-month period would result in loss of output of approximately 55600 tons of methanol.

9. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
economic economical economics economy economists economize economy
  1. The super- ... Subaru Justy has gone on sale, offering low cost motoring with lots of extras for £8495.
  2. Automakers have the technology to improve fuel ... .
  3. Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged voters to judge him on his ability to deliver long-term ... stability.
  4. Hit by rising costs for everyday necessities, some shoppers said yesterday that they plan to ... on gifts this year.
  5. The declining dollar could contribute to rising inflation, said Guo Tianyong, an economist with the Central University of Finance and ... .
  6. ... say, however, that the idea of a regional currency for the United States, Canada and Mexico is highly unlikely.
  7. European Central Bank executive board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi said the US ... justifies a stronger dollar than is reflected in its current value.

10. Complete the word forms chart.
Noun Agent Noun Verb