U N I T 12


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B. Make up your own sentences with these words in writing.
  • bear market
  • bid
  • bull market
  • commodity
  • to diversify (a portfolio)
  • futures
  • mercantile exchange
  • merger
  • option
  • quotation/quote
  • portfolio
  • recession
  • takeover
  • the joining together of two or more companies or organizations to form one larger one
  • the right, acquired for a consideration, to buy, sell, or lease something at a fixed price, sign or renew a contract, etc. within a specified time
  • a difficult time when there is less trade, business activity, etc. in a country than usual
  • when one company takes control of another by buying more than half its shares
  • a statement or listing of the price at which a security trades; the last price of a security at which the trade took place
  • a product that is bought and sold
  • a list of the financial assets held by an individual or a bank or other financial institutions
  • a stock market in which the price of shares is going up and people are buying them
  • to purchase different types of securities in different companies in unrelated industries
  • a contract for a specific commodity bought or sold for delivery at a later date
  • a situation in which the value if stocks is decreasing
  • a market organized to allow for the selling and buying of commodities
  • an offer made by an investor, trader, or dealer to buy a security

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
bear market bid bull market commodities to diversify futures mercantile exchange merger option quotations portfolio recession takeovers
  1. Лучше рынка в среду выглядели акции ЛУКОЙЛа. Второй день небольшого роста этих бумаг на снижающемся рынке - ... , видимо, говорит о наличии крупного инвестора.
  2. Господин Браудер управляет фондом «Hermitage Capital Management», портфель - ... которого оценивается в 4 миллиарда долларов.
  3. Из сырьевых товаров - ... на мировом рынке уран удалось «обогнать» только сахару.
  4. В условиях повышения рисков инвесторы, как правило, стараются диверсифицировать - ... свой инвестиционный портфель и увеличивают долю более консервативных инструментов, таких как депозиты, облигации, вложения в недвижимость.
  5. Нынешний глава берлинского фармацевтического концерна «Schering» «порекомендовал» своим инвесторам принять предложение «Bayer» и согласиться на слияние - ... предприятий.
  6. Производители нержавеющей стали по всему миру отмечают высокий уровень спроса и однозначное оживление рынка после прошлогоднего спада - ... .
  7. Цены на нефть вырастут не раньше, чем в середине следующего года, да и то в случае, если сохранится «бычий рынок - ... ».
  8. Фьючерсы - ... на майскую американскую легкую нефть подешевели на 8.центов до $63,83 за баррель после роста до $64,08 за баррель на электронных торгах в системе ACCESS.
  9. По словам дилеров коммерческих банков, котировки - ... в ходе торговой сессии колебались в пределах 5,0600–5,0630 USD/UAH.
  10. Стоимость нефти на Лондонской товарно-сырьевой бирже - ... ICE также резко возросла.
  11. Три крупнейшие стальные японские компании сообщили 29 марта, что они согласились на дальнейшее укрепление своего альянса против враждебных поглощений - ... .
  12. Российская «Альфа Групп» заключила с «Cukurova Group» сделку, предусматривающую опцион - ... на покупку «Альфой» 13,22 процента акций турецкого сотового оператора «Turkcell».

3. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
bear market bid bull market commodity diversified futures mercantile merger option portfolio quoted recession takeover
  1. Dubai International Capital – the investment arm of the Dubai Government – is preparing to launch a £500 million ... to buy the Liverpool football club.
  2. DryShips Inc. announced today that is has given notice of its exercise of a purchase ... for a second-hand dry bulk carrier.
  3. A ... between Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines appears imminent, analysts say.
  4. Shares in Amsterdam closed sharply lower, as poor US service sector data appeared to point towards a looming US ... .
  5. The retreat in share prices that started at the end of May 2005 has continued up to the end of March 2006. This has been a classic ... that has caught a lot of people by surprise.
  6. An effective portfolio is well ... across different asset classes [cash, fixed interest, property and shares] and countries.
  7. Citigroup substantially lifted its ... price forecasts for copper and nickel and modestly increased it for aluminium and gold.
  8. AB Ports, the UK’s biggest ports operator, rejects a £2.2bn ... bid, branding it “wholly inadequate.”
  9. China stocks listed in Hong Kong have been soaring this year, sparking worries they are overheating. But investors are only witnessing the opening stages of a new ... .
  10. Light, sweet crude for March delivery was recently down $1.49, or 1.7 per cent, at $88.53 a barrel on the New York ... Exchange.
  11. The June and April gold ... contracts closed Tuesday with losses of 40 cents each, with the June contract ending at $572.20 an ounce and the April contract closing at $567.
  12. The fund boasts a ... in excess of $100bn and has delivered total shareholder returns of 18 per cent a year on a compounded basis.
  13. Gold was ... at C$892 bid (US$888) and C$893 asked (US$889) in mid-morning trading Tuesday by Thomas Cook, a major gold and foreign exchange dealer.

4. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • commodity
  • futures/option
  • price
  • investment
  • takeover
  • acquire
  • hostile
  • tight
  • meet
  • large-scale
  • supply
  • fluctuations
  • bid
  • takeover
  • investment
  • exchange
  • portfolio
  • a 51 per cent stake
  • contract
  • demand

5. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. A declining dollar and stronger prices metals like copper, tin and zinc over the weekend are expected to whip the share market higher into record today.
  2. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped more than 100 points after fluctuating earlier trading.
  3. The euro was quoted $1.4825, compared to $1.4847 late Friday.
  4. The May futures contract crude was up 38 cents $62.15 a barrel.
  5. The zinc price has risen 60 per cent since December while other metals have also risen sharply.
  6. Finnish venture capital company Amanda Capital PLC is planning to establish a fund to invest unquoted companies in Russia and Eastern Europe through equity funds.
  7. Heating oil futures February delivery rose 0.74 cent to settle at $2.5265 a gallon on the Nymex.
  8. Boeing Co. continues to see strong demand its new 787 Dreamliner jet, despite expectations of a cooling the commercial aircraft market.
  9. Energy sector shares enjoyed broad sector gains early Wednesday as new supply data showed a rise US oil supplies but a sharp decline gasoline stocks.
  10. Dubai-based telecommunications provider Tecom outbid Vivendi Universal SA for a 35-per cent stake Tunisia’s public phone operator, Tunisie Telecom.
  11. Bell Atlantic Corp. merged GTE Corp. in June 2000 and was renamed Verizon Communications.
  12. The airlines are still working out financial details of their “strategic partnership,” said a spokesman Okay Airways.

6. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
amalgamation controlling stake decline establish makes a move on mercantile exchange mogul’s offer share underrated
  1. Lithuania has managed to talk YUKOS into lowering the price of the controlling interest - ... in oil processing concern Mazeikiu Nafta that the Lithuanian government plans to acquire from the Russian oil company.
  2. The company entered into an agreement to set up - ... a joint venture company in India.
  3. Gold for December delivery on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange - ... fell 0.8 per cent to 3122 yen a gram ($909 an ounce).
  4. A May report by Forbes Russia magazine estimated the tycoon’s - ... wealth at $24.3 billion.
  5. If Alcatel SA of France successfully bids on - ... Lucent Technologies Inc., ownership of the transistor’s birthplace may be heading overseas.
  6. Sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp intends to raise its stake - ... in private equity firm Blackstone Group from 9.9 per cent to 12.5 per cent by purchasing stocks on the open market.
  7. Giant telecom equipment maker Alcatel said its board will meet later this week to discuss a possible merger - ... with smaller US rival Lucent Technologies.
  8. The Funds’ research department is currently looking at undervalued - ... assets in markets that it considers to have potential to come back early.
  9. Shares in mining giant Rio Tinto rose yesterday on rumors that its larger rival BHP Billiton was prepared to raise its bid - ... by 32 per cent.
  10. Apple Computer shares fell $0.80 to $58.71, although that likely was more related to Tuesday’s broad market recession - ... in the US than the court battle with the Fab Four’s music company.

7. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
bears bearish bull bulled bullish bear bearish bull bulled bear bulled
  1. Still, I’m settling into the idea that recovery may not arrive for a while: Since 1928, the average ... market has lasted 1.3 years.
  2. Students of economic bubbles note that investor sentiment is always most ... when a market is about to hit a top.
  3. Sentiment on base metals remained ... on concerns about a slowdown in global demand, while crude oil continued to drop.
  4. The economy blossomed, the Indian stock market ... upward, and Singh is now prime minister.
  5. With negative economic news flowing continuously across the global markets, ... geared themselves for fresh spell of selling.
  6. The ... market was so strong that investors were borrowing money.
  7. This smells like that sort of forced selling and liquidations, that you get in the midst of a ... market.
  8. The economy ... its way forward during the summer and not even the destruction of a major city like New Orleans could slow it down.
  9. The global financial panic and economic slowdown have put at least a temporary end to the commodity ... market of the past.
  10. That was followed by more ... data from the US Federal Reserve that showed the economy continued to slow in the early autumn.
  11. Through a carefully prepared report, showing immense and unprecedented earnings, he had the stock ... up to 200.

8. Complete the word forms chart.
Verb Noun
file (a report)