U N I T 2


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • assault
  • captive
  • carnage
  • casualty
  • condemn
  • death toll
  • estimate
  • flee
  • gunman
  • identify
  • raid
  • (State) security forces
  • siege
  • special forces
  • standoff
  • someone who is kept as a prisoner
  • to name or recognize and correctly name someone or something
  • an armed criminal
  • a surprise attack by the police or criminals
  • to try to judge the number of something, without calculating it exactly
  • organizations collectively responsible for the country’s security
  • the number of people killed in a particular accident
  • someone who is hurt or killed in a terrorist attack
  • a situation in which neither side can gain an advantage
  • soldiers who have been specially trained to fight against terrorist groups
  • a situation when a lot of people are killed and injured
  • a situation in which terrorists or the police surround a place and try to gain control of it or force someone to come out of it
  • to leave somewhere very quickly, in order to escape from danger
  • a military attack to take control of a place controlled by the enemy
  • to say very strongly that you do not approve of something or someone; disapprove

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
assaults carnage captives casualties condemned death toll estimated to flee gunmen identified raid security forces siege special forces standoff
  1. В результате операции саудовского спецназа - ... террористы были обезврежены.
  2. Число жертв оценивается приблизительно - ... в 50 человек.
  3. Полиция установила личность - ... террориста-смертника, взорвавшего автомобиль в Шарм-эль-Шейхе.
  4. Через несколько часов осады - ... израильские антитеррористические части взяли дом штурмом.
  5. Террористы попробовали спасаться бегством - ... , но были уничтожены.
  6. Террористы уже давно поняли, что лучшей целью для их нападений - ... является система общественного транспорта города.
  7. Силы безопасности - ... приступили к штурму дома, в котором скрывались разыскиваемые террористы.
  8. Террористы рассчитывали получить за своих пленников - ... солидный выкуп.
  9. В одном случае террористы сдались после 30-часовой осады, в другом пара боевиков была убита после 18 часов противостояния - ... .
  10. В Багдаде в четверг группа вооруженных людей - ... открыла огонь по толпе на городском рынке.
  11. Аннан решительно осудил - ... террор и насилие в отношении ни в чем не повинных гражданских.
  12. Президент ошеломлен «резней - ... , которую устроили террористы в Израиле».
  13. Налет - ... был проведен в ответ на совершенные накануне террористами-смертниками теракты в морском порту города Ашдод.
  14. Таким образом, количество жертв - ... вылазки террористов будет превышать 50 человек.
  15. Кроме того, жертвами - ... теракта, в частности, стали трое граждан Китая.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • attack
  • soldier
  • bloodbath
  • criticize
  • escape from
  • talks
  • prisoner
  • roughly calculate
  • terrorist
  • victim
  • estimate
  • casualty
  • carnage
  • captive
  • assault
  • fighter
  • condemn
  • flee
  • gunman
  • negotiations

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
assault captive carnage casualties condemning death toll estimate flee gunman identify raid security forces siege standoff
  1. A ... opened fire on a car carrying an Iraqi television crew covering funerals of car bomb victims, wounding three staffers, a correspondent said.
  2. The ... from predawn blasts here climbed to at least 88 Saturday.
  3. The attack came two weeks after four suicide bombers staged a similar ... that killed 52 other people.
  4. The villagers began to ... shortly after details began to emerge of the ferocity of the attack in which some 40 raiders used firearms to shoot victims to death.
  5. Philippine ... are hunting 10 would-be suicide bombers and have already foiled a plot for a major attack.
  6. A two-day ... ended in explosions and a firefight with police.
  7. Two Algerian diplomats taken ... in Iraq last week were killed, their government and the United Nations confirmed today.
  8. Leading clerics in Saudi Arabia issued a religious ruling ... terror attacks by Islamic extremists.
  9. Shaken tourists spoke of mass panic and hysteria as people fled the ... in the early hours.
  10. Anti-terrorist officers arrested nine men in a ... early Thursday in connection with last week's attempted bomb attacks on the capital's transport network.
  11. The vast proportion of terrorism ... are Muslims killed by co-religionists.
  12. Police and the security services ... that between 400 and 500 men from the UK have travelled to Syria.
  13. The security services were unable to ... the ringleader of a terrorist gang before it struck London on 7 July 2005.
  14. Pakistani special forces ended the ... of the building and cleared it of explosives.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • special
  • to hold somebody
  • death
  • to inflict
  • to hold
  • to withdraw
  • a peaceful
  • an automatic
  • to encounter
  • to flee
  • casualties
  • rifle
  • carnage
  • forces
  • resistance
  • captive
  • toll
  • troops
  • resolution (of a crisis)
  • talks

6. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. The deadliest attack was in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, where an assistant nurse from Crawley in West Sussex was shot the head.
  2. Two suspects were captured in a dramatic raid a public housing project in London.
  3. The authorities are searching nationwide for terrorists behind the deadly airliner attacks the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.
  4. Two Turkish men have been identified the drivers of the pick-up trucks that exploded outside two synagogues in Istanbul.
  5. India and Pakistan are set to hold crucial talks countering terrorism and drug trafficking.
  6. Police have said they shot a man dead at Stockwell Tube station in south London after he was challenged and refused to obey an order.
  7. They will not stop inflicting casualties the American forces until the country withdraws from Iraq.
  8. We were trapped inside a hotel siege.
  9. Damage is estimated approximately $1 million.
  10. As they entered the building, one terrorist rose and began shooting the hostages around him.
  11. India and Thailand have decided to extend their cooperation to fight terrorism.
  12. In Sri Lanka the government continued its 17-year conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which engaged several terrorist acts government and civilian targets during the year.

7. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
attack hostage victims human toll denounced encircled escape terrorist SWAT teams took control of slaughter
  1. Two planted bombs were discovered and defused before causing more carnage - ... .
  2. The Government was under pressure last night to reintroduce permanent passport checks at all British border points after it emerged that one suspect in the failed July 21 suicide bombings was able to flee - ... to the Continent.
  3. In 1996, the Irish Republican Army even launched a mortar assault - ... on 10.Downing Street.
  4. The death toll - ... from a suicide attack on Iraqi army recruits rose to 44.
  5. France continues to lobby for two French journalists held captive - ... _ by Iraqi militants.
  6. Anti-terrorist police - ... captured the final three fugitives wanted in connection with a bombing attempt on the London transit system.
  7. Pope John Paul II has condemned - ... the “scourge of terrorism” in his Christmas message to crowds of worshippers in St Peter's Square in Rome.
  8. Five casualties - ... of Thursday's blast on a Delhi-bound express that killed nine and injured 63, have been identified.
  9. Egyptian security forces surrounded - ... two Bedouin villages suspected of harboring terrorists responsible for the Sharm El-Sheikh bombings that killed 88 people.
  10. A Palestinian gunman - ... has opened fire on an Israeli bus while it was traveling in Jerusalem.
  11. In 1979 200 Islamic terrorists seized - ... the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, taking hundreds of pilgrims hostage.

8. Complete the word forms chart.
Noun Agent Noun Verb Adjective
take hostage