U N I T 7


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • accomplice
  • aggravating
  • bail
  • to charge
  • custody
  • to detain
  • forensic
  • homicide
  • to interrogate
  • inquiry
  • mitigating
  • offender
  • to perpetrate
  • to subpoena
  • warrant
  • to question formally for a specific purpose
  • a person who assists another person in committing a crime
  • a person who transgresses moral or civil law; wrongdoer
  • the state of being kept in prison, esp. while waiting to go to court for trial
  • related to scientific methods of solving crimes, involving examining the objects or substances that are involved in the crime
  • making worse; exacerbating (of circumstances)
  • to deprive of freedom; to force someone officially to stay in a place
  • making less severe or harsh (of circumstances)
  • to order to attend a court of law
  • money left with a court of law so that a prisoner can be set free until she/he is tried
  • to state officially that someone is responsible for a crime
  • the act of killing another person; murder
  • investigation, acts of finding out more information, of examining the reasons
  • to do something wrong or criminal
  • a written order signed by an official of the law, esp. allowing the police to take certain action for something

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
accomplices aggravating bail charged in custody detained forensic homicide interrogate inquiry mitigating offenders perpetrated subpoenaed warrant
  1. Заслуженный артист России был вызван повесткой в суд - ... Октябрьского района столицы по делу об оскорблении журналистки популярного московского издания, передает Интерфакс.
  2. В Таиланде вождение в нетрезвом виде считается отягчающим - ... обстоятельством и водителя может ждать смертная казнь.
  3. Обвиняемых в растрате могут выпустить под залог - ... в 100 тысяч долларов.
  4. 12 декабря 16-летнюю американку задержали - ... по подозрению в ограблении банка Community.
  5. Ответчику было предъявлено обвинение - ... в нанесении тяжких телесных повреждений, повлекших за собой смерть потерпевшего.
  6. Несмотря на смягчающие - ... обстоятельства, виновным в ограблении киоска грозит до пяти лет тюремного заключения.
  7. Через несколько минут на место преступления прибыли правоохранительные органы и судебные - ... эксперты.
  8. Защита родственников требовала от следствия допросить - ... по делу об убийстве - ... представителей руководства Чечни.
  9. В ходе расследования - ... были арестованы и другие соучастники - ... преступления, у которых также изъят героин.
  10. Сейчас оба преступника - ... находятся под стражей - ... и ожидают завершения оперативного следствия.
  11. подозреваемых по делу, на которых таиландским судом выданы ордеры - ... на арест, совершили - ... теракт.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • accuse
  • arrest
  • commit
  • criminal
  • investigation
  • imprisonment
  • lawful
  • murder
  • partner in crime
  • question
  • inquiry
  • perpetrate
  • custody
  • interrogate
  • charge
  • homicide
  • offender
  • accessory
  • law-abiding
  • detain

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
accomplice aggravated bail bodily harm charge custody detained forensic interrogation inquiry mitigating perpetrated subpoenaed warrant
  1. He was detained on a ... of murder.
  2. When Maddox was ... to appear before the grand jury and failed to do so, a warrant for his arrest was issued.
  3. Police obtained a ... allowing investigators to seize and analyze evidence on Tuesday.
  4. Mr. Brown has already pleaded guilty to attempting to cause grievous ... .
  5. Seven men suspected of involvement in a January 2 bank heist were referred by police to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office yesterday for further ... .
  6. A woman who spat in the face of an officer was taken into ... .
  7. None of the ... circumstances were taken into consideration and the conviction of attempted murder was upheld by the Appeal Court.
  8. He jumped ... and fled to the neighboring Philippines in May 2005, where he resumed drug-trafficking with an accomplice also wanted by Taiwanese authorities.
  9. A murder ... has been launched by the Metropolitan police into the death of a man in Tulse Hill, south London.
  10. The Northfield man and his alleged ... , also 41, of Kilburn, face numerous charges, including ... serious criminal trespass.
  11. A good ... scientist needs to be inquisitive, methodical and have good communication skills.
  12. If fraud is usually an inside job, most of it is ... by the bosses of companies involved.
  13. China's best-known artist, Ai Weiwei, has been ... in Beijing and police have searched his studio.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • juvenile
  • to open
  • prime
  • search
  • law-abiding
  • to release on
  • witness to
  • to extort
  • bodily
  • aggravating
  • harm
  • a crime
  • bail
  • circumstance
  • a case
  • delinquent
  • warrant
  • citizen
  • a confession
  • suspect

6. Insert prepositions where necessary.
  1. An official UK police inquiry the Paris car crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed has found no evidence the couple were murdered.
  2. Sandra Jones, 36, was released bail from the Hinds County Jail this afternoon, charged one count of embezzlement.
  3. This man spent more than 14 years bars for a murder he had not committed.
  4. The police initially appeared reluctant to lodge any charges against the businessman, who claimed to be acting self-defense.
  5. Michael Cole said it was “highly unsatisfactory” that up to 18 key witnesses the crash were not interviewed by the Metropolitan Police's inquest the death.
  6. A Spanish judge has ordered an investigation how a terminally ill Frenchwoman died, (after a newspaper reported that members of a pro-euthanasia group were present at her death).
  7. A man who threatened to harm himself with a knife has been taken custody by police.
  8. He is accused taking part in a Nov. 20 mugging in which a man was punched multiple times and robbed his cell phone and $200 in cash, police said.
  9. Schrider was arrested misdemeanor drug charges Monday afternoon.
  10. Barbara Revette and her accomplice are suspected money laundering and tax evasion.

7. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
accessory accused of delinquents detained scene investigation shot down questioned
  1. More than 1,000 juvenile offenders -... aged 12 to 19 were charged with gambling last year when slot-machine-like arcade games hit the nation.
  2. A convicted bank robber accused of holding up a Halifax bank earlier this week and his alleged accomplice -... were in Halifax provincial court Wednesday.
  3. Officers cordoned off the crime venue -... and shut down traffic at Mark Avenue while the inquiry continues.
  4. A 30-year-old Riverside man was gunned down -... today at an intersection, and his killer remained at large.
  5. Fire investigators arriving on the scene interrogated -... the 14, 15, and 16-year-old, who were arrested by Bullhead City police on suspicion of arson of an unoccupied home.
  6. In June 2004, FBI launched an internal inquiry -... into allegations of detainee abuse at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  7. According to police, Franchini had requested to meet with parole officers in a parking lot near Fern Street where he was taken into custody -... without incident.
  8. Everyone charged with -... a crime, whatever its nature, deserved the presumption of innocence and the right to legal representation.

8. Complete the word forms chart.
Verb Agent Noun Noun