U N I T 3


1. Match the words in Column A with their definitions in Column B.
  • atrocity
  • chase
  • to counter
  • crackdown
  • to deem
  • to eliminate
  • hallmark
  • to infiltrate
  • to lament
  • mastermind
  • to renounce
  • safe haven
  • to toughen
  • to urge forces
  • to publicly reject something you earlier believe in or used to do
  • to completely get rid of something or somebody
  • to strongly suggest that someone does something
  • to consider, to believe
  • to make something very strict or firm
  • a place where someone can go in order to escape from possible danger
  • to do something in order to prevent something bad from happening
  • someone who plans and organizes a complicated criminal operation
  • an extremely cruel and violent action
  • action that is taken to deal more strictly with crime, a problem, protests etc.
  • to secretly join or put people into an organization or place in order to find out information or to harm it
  • an idea, method, or quality that is typical of a particular person or thing
  • to express feelings of great sadness about something
  • the act of following someone or something quickly in order to catch them

2. Substitute the words in bold with a word or word combination from the box without changing its form.
atrocious chased to counter to crackdown deems elimination hallmark infiltrated laments masterminds to renounce safe haven to toughen urge
  1. США оплакивают - ... свои жертвы, а экстремистские группировки воспевают своих героев.
  2. «Уничтожение - ... "Аль-Каида" приведет к ослаблению чеченского терроризма».
  3. Террор можно победить только с помощью агентуры – людей, внедренных - ... в стан террористов.
  4. «Я настоятельно призываю - ... мировых лидеров поддержать такое определение терроризма».
  5. Афганистан отпустит на свободу 70 заключенных, которых США считает - ... террористами.
  6. Глава британского правительства Тони Блэр назвал «зверскими - ... актами терроризма» авиакатастрофы в Тульской и Ростовской областях.
  7. Полиция почти два года охотилась - ... за одним из организаторов - ... теракта, проведенного боевиками у здания посольства.
  8. Необходимо убедить группы недовольных отказаться - ... от использования терроризма как тактического средства.
  9. 80 процентов опрошенных заявляют о необходимости ужесточить - ... санкции за терроризм и незаконную миграцию.
  10. «Брюссель плохо подготовлен для того, чтобы противостоять - ... возможным атакам террористов».
  11. Источники в спецслужбах в Англии и США утверждают, что почерк - ... террористов, устроивших взрывы в Лондоне, напоминает теракт в Мадриде.
  12. Любому человеку, связанному с терроризмом, будет отказано в убежище - ... и в британском подданстве.
  13. Подавляющее большинство считает, что необходимо принимать решительные меры - ... против исламского терроризма.

3. For each word listed in Column A, choose a synonym from Column B.
  • consider
  • destroy
  • fight
  • give up
  • grieve (for/over)
  • horror
  • organizer
  • pursue
  • refuge
  • severe measures
  • counter
  • deem
  • lament
  • atrocity
  • eliminate
  • renounce
  • chase
  • safe haven
  • crackdown
  • mastermind

4. Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
atrocity chasing counter crackdown deemed hallmark infiltrate laments mastermind renounced toughened safe haven urged
  1. Uzbek intelligence had sent its men to ... al-Qaida camps.
  2. Children who survived the Beslan ... in Russia testified for the first time in the trial of the only suspected attacker who survived.
  3. Instead of giving in to unconstructive talk of a “clash of civilizations,” what can be done to ... jihadism?
  4. The accused 2002 Bali bombing ... has denied links to al-Qaida.
  5. The British government on Wednesday published guidelines for barring foreigners who are ... promoters of terrorism as part of a broad ... on Islamist hate preachers.
  6. More than 180 people arrested as suspected terrorists in Britain since 2001 were asylum seekers given ... in the country, official reports indicated.
  7. Despite the fact that multiple simultaneous bombings are a ... of al-Qaida's style, the government continued to call ETA the likeliest suspect.
  8. Afghanistan and India have ... strong regional efforts to fight terrorism.
  9. However, the group has not entirely ... attacks against high-profile civilian targets.
  10. The Police are said to be urgently ... up to 10 bomb suspects thought to be involved in a plot to cause “mass murder on an unimaginable scale” by blowing up UK flights heading to the US.
  11. The authorities ... legislation to outlaw those who glorify terrorism.
  12. He ... the loss of many of his friends and neighbors in the Sept. 11 attack.

5. Match the words in Column A with the words in Column B to make up possible word combinations.
  • to deny
  • to eliminate
  • to crack down
  • to deem something
  • to urge somebody
  • to renounce
  • a counter-terrorist
  • to toughen
  • to settle
  • to adopt
  • on terrorism
  • unit (team)
  • a law
  • anti-terrorist legislation
  • a safe haven (for somebody)
  • to do something
  • a dispute/differences
  • the mastermind
  • necessary
  • violence

6. Substitute the words in bold with their synonyms from the box.
asylum counter-terrorist curb eradicate given up hardened horrendous hunt mourned penetrating pushed for slaughter
  1. According to authorities, the carnage - ... had all the hallmarks of al-Qaida.
  2. Politicians claim to pass more and more anti-terror - ... laws in order to keep us safe.
  3. He said the rebels must show that they have renounced - ... terrorism, not only in words but in deed.
  4. The New York City Police Department has an intelligence division that seeks to prevent crimes by infiltrating - ... political groups.
  5. India and Afghan expressed their commitment to working together to ensure that Afghanistan would not again become a safe haven - ... for terrorism and extremism.
  6. A kidnapping at a Philippine resort triggered a yearlong chase - ... for pirate terrorists and their American hostages.
  7. Indonesia's president urged - ... tightened security in his country, saying September and October were “special months for terrorism.”
  8. The British prime minister also lamented - ... the death of four British soldiers in southern Iraq.
  9. The atrocious - ... assassination of the Foreign Minister had threatened to unleash another round of war and terrorism in Sri Lanka.
  10. The president demanded that Palestinians crack down - ... on terrorism.
  11. “Military operations against Palestinians on the West Bank would not eliminate - ... the threat of terror.”
  12. Britain toughened - ... anti-terrorist measures.

7. Complete the word forms chart. the word forms chart.
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