Verb Complementation

Task 1. Identify the type of verb by its definition. Write down its name in the blank space.
1. A verb that describes an event which in addition to the subject involves someone or something else, i.e. takes one object or complement.
2. A verb that serves as a link to what the referent of the subject is or becomes and takes one complement called the subject complement.
3. A verb that denotes an action or an event which involves only one person or thing, the performer of the action.
4. A verb that takes two objects, a direct object and an indirect one.
5. A verb that can be used transitively, followed by the object, or intransitively, without the original performer being mentioned, only with the subject that refers to a thing, not a person.
6. A verb that has little meaning and is obligatorily used with a noun to indicate that someone performs and action, often a brief one.
7. A verb that takes a complex object.

Task 2. Tick the sentences with ergative verbs.
1. Has the kettle boiled yet?

2. The postman calls at about 7 every morning.

3. You look just the same.

4. Be careful with that paper, it will tear easily.

5. The number of friends depends on how nice a person you are.

6. The meat will cook in a minute.

7. The music stopped suddenly.

8. Children grow up so quickly!

9. I met him when he was walking along the street.

10. Prices have increased by 10 per cent since last year.

11. The glass cracked when I dropped it.

12. The boat sailed into the harbor.

13. It's my birthday today, let's celebrate.

Task 3. Choose the proper verb out of the following: have, give, take, make, do.
Put down the verb in the correct form.
1. He was prepared to great risks.
2. I'll some inquires for you.
3. a look at this!
4. The boy a shrug of indifference.
5. She a remark about the weather.
6. What research are you right now?
7. I'd like to arrangements for him to see a doctor.
8. She him a long kiss.
9. She the tin a good polish.
10. Try not to so much fuss about it.
11. I some great photos on holiday last month.
12. She an instant dislike to all of his friends.
13. Alice great progress in her studies recently.
14. In my family I the cleaning.
15. He felt confused and an awkward laugh.

Task 4. Complete each sentence by selecting an appropriate verb and adjective from the list of words given below. Put the verbs in the required tense form.
turn go grow smell fall wear keep run make come
funny quiet thin rusty true sour short older ill sure
1. Put the milk in the refrigerator or it .
2. Iron if it is exposed to continual damp.
3. We are supposed to become wiser as we .
4. Are you sure the fish is all right? It certainly .
5. I'd stayed in the cold for so long that I eventually.
6. Be careful! My patience .
7. The town was flooded with gossip, but the press .
8. Are you going shopping? – Yes, we of food.
9. I always buy my tickets in advance to of getting a seat.
10. I don't believe his dream is ever going to .

Task 5. Choose the right variant.
1. I (made / had / took) a fall on a patch of ice and broke my glasses.
2. Then she caught (a / the / –) sight of the stranger.
3. This fabric (is washed / washes) easily.
4. He doesn't enjoy (singing / to sing) .
5. A horse can (make / do / give) you a very nasty kick.
6. The boy kept (silence / silent) for a long time.
7. We are (doing / going / having) jogging with my friends this summer.
8. He will never forget (to meet / meeting) her for the first time.
9. When I was a child I (used to / got used to) break all my toys.
10. This company stopped (to produce / producing) software 10 years ago.
11. Her heart (had / gave / made) a great jump.
12. I always remember (to call / calling) my friends on special occasions.
13. The remark sounded (rude / rudely / in a rude way) .
14. Mary suggested (to help / helping) me with the report.
15. Could you (do / make / give) me a favour?

Task 6. Translate into English the underlined parts using collocations with delexical and copular verbs.
1. Soon the leaves on the trees пожелтеют .
2. He вскрикнул of surprise.
3. My blood застыла .
4. Jim заблудился in the forest when he went hunting.
5. Don't шумите . I'm working on my project.
6. Bread usually черствеет after a few days.
7. Mike разозлится if he finds out the truth.
8. The lecture was so boring that I заснул .
9. Can I переговорить with you?
10. Don't let the child отбиться от рук .
11. The sweater протерся on the elbows.
12. Let's искупаемся in the river!
13. Look! All the milk прокисло !
14. The door распахнулась and in he came.
15. The apple сладкое на вкус .
16. It's easy for him to заводить друзей .
17. She отхлебнула of coffee, but it was too hot.
18. We all примем участие in that poetry contest.
19. We ушли at 7 p.m.
20. The snow лежал толстым слоем under the trees.
Total: 74 points 0 point-mark

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