Revision I

Task 1. Give the plural of the following nouns.
1. toe – 14. valley –
2. city – 15. sheep –
3. hero – 16. goose –
4. piano – 17. Taiwanese –
5. calf – 18. room-mate –
6. cliff – 19. editor-in-chief –
7. proof – 20. man-pilot –
8. stitch – 21. forget-me-not –
9. bath – 22. Englishwoman –
10. ox – 23. fungus –
11. life – 24. phenomenon –
12. leaf – 25. datum –
13. berry –

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the word.
1. All the information you received (is / are) wrong.
2. The news (was / were) on the radio at 5 p.m.
3. Clothes (does / do) not make a man.
4. (Is / Are) the police here?
5. Your phonetics (is / are) much better now.
6. The contents of the letter (is / are) familiar to me.
7. The bread and butter (is / are) not for you.
8. The British (has / have) control of the bridge.
9. The money (is / are) not mine.
10. The goods from this country (is / are) bought really quickly.
11. 5 minutes (was / were) the time allowed to each speaker.
12. Her hair (is / are) dark brown.
13. The family (was / were) still at table, but they had finished breakfast.
14. There (was / were) many a true word in what he said.
15. Neither the stars nor the moon (was / were) visible.
16. There (is / are) a number of things you don't understand.
17. ‘The Great Expectations' by Dickens (was / were) published in 1860.
18. Mr. Hegglund as well as most of the others (was / were) satisfied.
19. To be the busy wife of a busy man, to be the mother of many children (was / were) the highest lot of woman.
20. It (is / are) they who should honour you.

Task 3. Insert articles where they are necessary to complete the following text.
In 1816, Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1) famous English poet, and his future wife, Mary, visited Byron at his house near 2) Lake Geneva. It rained and snowed constantly during their stay, forcing 3) group to stay indoors. One night Byron challenged 4) Shelleys and his doctor to each make up 5) ghost story. He said that 6) person who wrote 7) most terrifying tale would win 8) challenge.
Mary, who was only nineteen at 9) time, came up with 10) very peculiar idea for her story after having 11) nightmare in which she saw 12) pale student kneeling beside ‘13) thing he had put together'. In 14) finished novel, 15) mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein by 16) name, brings to 17) life 18) truly terrible monster. It is really 19) warning against 20) man's dangerous relationship with 21) science.
22) Mary Shelley's book was published in 1818, although for several years 23) writer's identity was not revealed. It is astonishing to think that ‘Frankenstein' was written by 24) nineteen-year-old in 25) simple attempt to scare her close friends.

Task 4. Complete the sentences using appropriate forms of Oblique moods.
1. I regret not telling the truth to my friend.
If only I the truth to my friend.
2. What would you do if there were an earthquake?
And what if there an earthquake?
3. The project didn't fail because Pauline was there.
But for Pauline, the project .
4. You should sell this house; it's unlucky.
You better sell this house.
5. I am asking if you can help me with this luggage.
you help me with this luggage?
6. It doesn't matter how much this necklace costs; I will buy it.
I'll buy this necklace, what it may!
7. I am willing to go to London this summer.
I rather go to London this summer.
8. The order is that nobody should leave the room.
Nobody the room!
9. Phil is so arrogant!
Oh, that Phil less arrogant!
10. Leave your passport at the hotel if you don't want it stolen.
In your place I the passport at the hotel.

Task 5. Tick the sentences that are grammatically correct.
1. I came to give you a very important advice.

2. We need ten minutes' break; let's have a coffee.

3. I discovered that they were French-speaking Swisses.

4. This Johanna's friend is a real ladies' man.

5. When the cat is away, the mouses will play.

6. I've read three of Shakespeare's plays and a play of Ibsen's.

7. Are there many fish in this stream?

8. I've been in Yorkshire at my brother's-in-law.

9. This is too heavy a box for me to carry. Could you help me with it?

10. My wife's hair are admired by everyone.

11. There was a dreaminess, a preoccupation, an exaltation in her maternal look.

12. Our landlady is a typical Irish.

13. The compass was invented in ancient China.

14. The loving couple were no longer happy.

15. The blind was operated on by Professor Fedorov.

16. Means were easily found, Lord be praised.

17. Where are the children? – I've sent them to my uncle's.

18. Most students believe that their progress is better than their fellow-students.

19. We had a cold bacon for lunch at David's.

20. I started relating a most interesting anecdote but nobody was listening.

Task 6. Render the part in brackets into English using your active Grammar.
1. Are you единственный ребенок in the family?
2. There was перекресток in front of us.
3. Нет смысла in our persuading him not to criticize everyone.
4. We can finally meet and talk вволю .
5. Apparently, сегодняшнее show was far more amusing.
6. But англичане I'm acquainted with are not different from us.
7. This dress would really match голубизна of your eyes.
8. He thinks it is the funniest novel которую можно представить .
9. Ах, если бы Mary were more kind-hearted!
10. I drank one glass of water, then another, then третий .
11. Эти олени are endangered species.
12. Tom, go to булочная and buy a loaf of bread.
13. Смелые are not afraid to risk their lives.
14. Да будет так ; anyway, I'll be on your side.
15. But nobody believed you, не так ли ?
16. Do you go в церковь every Sunday?
17. I remember learning одну из поэм Пушкина in childhood.
18. Компьютер is very helpful and saves a great deal of time.
19. We might have never succeeded если бы не his contribution.
20. From here it's трехчасовой drive.
21. Тебе лучше hurry up!
22. Economic кризисы happened even in well-developed countries.
23. And there, in the dark полная луна appeared.
24. He is staying у Смитов at the moment.
25. У меня и в мыслях не было to reproach you!
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