Adjectives and Adverbs Compared

Task 1. State what part of speech the underlined word is.
1. You oughtn't to speak ill of people you don't know well.
2. Still waters run deep.
3. She is as pretty as a picture.
4. All is well that ends well.
5. I'm afraid she might do it worse than you.
6. He was too long in doing it.
7. She put a tea-cosy on the pot to keep it warm.
8. How are you getting on? – Very well, thank you.
9. It's getting a bit too warm here.
10. To make things still worse, he had a leg broken.
11. Look straight ahead.
12. You look quite ill.
13. The patient breathed hard.
14. In a month's time the situation was pretty much the same.
15. The boy shouted long and loud.

Task 2. Choose either an adjective or an adverb to complete the following sentences.
1. If you don't eat (slow / slowly) , you'll be sick.
2. She didn't do as (good / well) in the test as she expected.
3. I don't understand why she can't behave (sensible / sensibly) .
4. Have one of these tarts. They taste (good / well) .
5. You are bound to make mistakes; you write so (careless / carelessly) .
6. It makes me (sad / sadly) to think of all you've had to go through.
7. How did you do that? – Very (simple / simply) .
8. His voice sounded (cold / coldly) .
9. I think my headache is getting (bad / badly) .
10. This seems rather (amusing / amusingly) .
11. (Natural / Naturally) , she couldn't stop asking me questions about you.
12. You are (obvious / obviously) wrong!
13. (Strange / Strangely) how some people never change, isn't it?
14. Laura has changed her style. She dresses so (smart / smartly) now.
15. Better (safe / safely) than sorry.

Task 3. Complete these sentences as is logical using the information from the preceding sentence or clause.
1. You are a fast driver. Please, don't drive so this time.
2. Her behavior is never bad, but she behaved really at the party yesterday.
3. Harry is a careful person, so you don't have to remind him to think before he makes a decision.
4. It's a monthly magazine, it appears .
5. Charles and Mary are a happy couple. They have been living together for years.
6. It's true that it is the finest novel ever written. I believe that.
7. I don't like the sweet taste of this juice. In my opinion, it tastes too .
8. His fatherly tone irritates me. He always talks .
9. Her mother gave her a hard slap. I don't think it wise to slap a child so .
10. A just judge is someone who acts .
11. If someone is your near neighbor, you live quite .
12. The singers gave a lively performance. They performed .
13. Her perfume is so delicate. It certainly smells .
14. If you are late, you arrive .
15. She is ever so polite to you. She even looks at you .
16. John is a slow runner; he runs very .
17. The plane is very high in the sky. It may be flying too .
18. Mary is a heavy smoker. Her doctor advises her not to smoke so .
19. That was a quick response. Don't you think she responded ?
20. That was a stupid thing to do. You acted .

Task 4. Pick the adverb with or without the suffix -ly.
1. The rain stopped (short / shortly) before midday.
2. If I remember (right / rightly) , the lady's name is Sandra.
3. Can we fly (direct / directly) to New York or do we stop in Paris first?
4. I was wrong. I can admit that (free / freely) .
5. She welcomed the guests with arms (wide / widely) open.
6. Please, don't talk so (loud / loudly) . The baby is sleeping.
7. You should follow the instructions (close / closely) if you don't want to break the device.
8. I think she sings very (pretty / prettily) .
9. You may eat (free / freely) in my restaurant whenever you like.
10. If you act (wrong / wrongly) towards your sister, you will regret it.
11. When you reach the Strand, turn (sharp / sharply) left.
12. The idea seemed (high / highly) improbable to everybody.
13. With her beautiful expressive eyes she looked (deep / deeply) into his.
14. I need (hard / hardly) say that I agree with you.
15. You don't play (fair / fairly) .

Task 5. Translate the word in brackets into English.
1. (высоко) He's always thought of Angela.
2. (замертво) The bird fell down .
3. (молча) He stood .
4. (широко) It is known that John is the best football player in our town.
5. (едва) The girl could speak.
6. (близко) We need to stay to the platform.
7. (по-матерински) She is a lovely woman. She treats children .
8. (ровно) He'll be here at 10 o'clock .
9. (глубоко) Piggy took off his glasses, troubled.
10. (громко) Am I speaking enough?
11. (коротко) The doctor answered him .
12. (справедливо) The lion is called the king of all animals.
13. (ежедневно) They see each other .
14. (хорошо) She plays the violin as as a professional musician.
15. (едва не) We were smashed up on the shore several times.
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