Patterns of Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs.

Task 1. Supply the missing forms of the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of comparison.
1. good
2. well
3. worse
4. farthest
5. further
6. eldest
7. older
8. nearest
9. next
10. later
11. last

Task 2. Use the comparative or the superlative degree of the adjective in brackets.
1. Was there anything in the world (bad) than indecision?
2. He was the (amusing) lad that you ever met.
3. They were now drinking hard, their red faces getting ever (red) .
4. He had been a great fencer before the war, the (great) in Italy.
5. He's a far (intelligent) person than my brother.
6. I want to ask you what you think of my (late) films if you saw them.
7. He turned out to be (angry) than I had expected.
8. Today I am no (wise) than yesterday.
9. Jack is the (clever) of the three brothers.
10. He is the (good-looking) of the two actors.
11. The (near) house is three miles away.
12. It's the (lovely) painting in this gallery.
13. He was the (late) man to come.
14. He felt (bad) yesterday than the day before.
15. Start with this task; it is (simple) .
16. This is the (funny) story possible.
17. I cannot imagine a (awkward) situation.
18. And they got down to business without (far) delay.
19. I have always admired my (old) twin brother.
20. This walk towards them was the (courageous) act of his life.

Task 3. Complete the sentences using the right form of the adverb.
1. (early) Even if I arrive on time, there is always someone who has arrived .
2. (deeply) She was deeply hurt by his words, but in fact I was being hurt still .
3. (fluently) She speaks English than anyone else in the group.
4. (fast) He is a fast driver and in tomorrow's competition he will come of all.
5. (slowly) We'll never catch them up if we walk as as that.
6. (beautifully) She sings than anyone I know.
7. (well) There isn't a single person in the world who is better at tennis than he is. He play tennis .
8. (quickly) You are moving far too . I can't keep up with you.
9. (quietly) You are playing very loud. Couldn't you play a bit ?
10. (clearly) Her soul was no longer the sealed wonder and he followed her mental process far now.
11. (high) Alex's eyebrows rose than ever.
12. (tenderly) It was a comfort to Madge to find out that her mother drew towards her than she had ever done.
13. (intimately) And today he spoke with her far and away .
14. (often) He contrived to get a glimpse of Montanelli once or in every week.
15. (naturally) She talked to them a whole lot .

Task 4. Pick the right intensifier.
1. It's a (very / really) enormous building.
2. That was a (far / most) generous offer. I was impressed by his kindness.
3. The film turned out to be (ever so / a great deal) interesting.
4. She put on her (very / by far) best dress that evening.
5. It's (pretty / absolutely) warm in here.
6. This room is (by far / most) the sunniest.
7. This cake is (stone / rock) hard.
8. He couldn't find a minute's peace. He was (that / a lot) restless.
9. I advise you to take this road. It's the shortest way (capable / imaginable) .
10. The necklace is (far and away / far too) expensive; we can't possibly afford it.
11. The new edition of the dictionary is (still / any) better than the old one.
12. The wallpaper should be (a good bit / only too) lighter for the room not to be so gloomy.
13. This method is (very / no) better than the one we had been using.
14. I slept to my heart's content and now I'm (wide / fully) awake.
15. He was (none the / that) wiser for that answer.

Task 5. Choose the right alternative.
1. They are not as good at this (than / as) I am.
2. Davy was (more talented / the more talented) of the two brothers.
3. This house is (three times cheaper / cheaper by three times) .
4. (Who / Which) of the two is the better sprinter?
5. Rome is (as / so) beautiful as Venice.
6. It was one of the most terrifying (dream / dreams) I've ever had.
7. It's (a most / the most) important question.
8. The more attentive you are, (the fewer / fewer) mistakes you'll make.
9. It is the best (possible way out / way out possible) .
10. The sick man is (none the better / no the better) .
11. This watch is (five times more expensive / more expensive in five times) .
12. The fence is four times longer than it is (wider / wide) .
13. Paris is (most beautiful / the most beautiful) in spring.
14. The weather went from bad to (worse / worst) .
15. I don't think this novel is (so good / better) than his last one.

Task 6. Translate the underlined part into English using appropriate expressions with different degrees of comparison.
1. Ближайшее будущее will see this part of the desert turned into a flourishing oasis.
2. What is последние новости ?
3. It's the most interesting book которую можно представить .
4. Of the two paintings the portrait is более дорогой .
5. The less you talk, тем лучше .
6. I took the medicine but feel ничуть не лучше for it.
7. The weather is changing к лучшему .
8. I wish I could have come так рано as I had promised.
9. Let us choose меньшее of the two evils.
10. Wait for дальнейшие instructions.
11. If he helps us, тем лучше .
12. This time you have made меньше mistakes.
13. It is одно из самых старых зданий in this city.
14. I never lose heart and always hope на лучшее .
15. The boss has got a новая с иголочки car.
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