Moods in Simple Sentences

Task 1. React to the following statements using set expressions with Subjunctive I denoting wish or swearing. Choose from the list below.
  • We are visiting the Browns' next week. –
  • I'm taking an exam in History tomorrow. –
  • I really want to set off right now. –
  • The crew of the plane are ready to take off. –
  • Don't you realize that he is fabulously rich? –
  • We have missed our train! –
  • Bless him, Father, for he died a hero. –
  • Bill has broken your car again! –
  • Confound it!
  • Far be it from me to marry a man for his money!
  • The devil take him!
  • God help them!
  • Be yours a happy meeting!
  • Success attend you!
  • God rest his soul!
  • So be it!

Task 2. Provide the English equivalents of the underlined phrases.
1. Будь, что будет , I am not going to stay here any longer.
2. Достаточно сказать that he is not that stupid.
3. Будь прокляты your convictions!
4. He goes jogging при любой погоде .
5. He will keep his word чего бы это ни стоило .
6. Это не в моем характере to spread gossip.
7. And what if he should suspect us of anything? – Боже упаси !

Task 3. Distribute the following sentences according to the type of the oblique mood: a) Subjunctive I, b) Subjunctive II, c) the Conditional Mood, d) the Suppositional Mood.
1. You'd better keep out of harm's way in this situation.
2. Would you repeat it once more?
3. If only the weather were not so bad!
4. But for my younger brother I would have finished my work in time.
5. I would rather not stir up this hornet's nest.
6. We'd like to buy a bigger car.
7. Success attend you!
8. Suffice these three examples.
9. Everybody keep silent for a while!
10. And what if he should come back without letting us know?
11. I shouldn't say so in your place.
12. Oh, that he hadn't been late the other day!
13. Could you kindly do me a favour?
14. We should very much object to your reading trashy novels.
15. Oh, that the storm were over!

Task 4. Open the brackets using oblique moods only.
1. If only he (not to say) those very words to her the other day!

2. One of you (to read) the poem aloud.

3. (To be) ours a happy journey!

4. And what if she (not to notice) the error in time?

5. In your place I (to be) more polite to my visitors.

6. But for their help, it (to take) more days to get through with it.

7. I'd sooner (to be) poor than a thief.

8. If only I (to be) young again!

9. In future I'd rather (not to spend) money on trifles.

10. (To confound) your lectures!

11. But for my smile, he (to believe) me.

12. If he doesn't want to see us, then so (to be) it.

13. And what if the money (to get) lost?

14. There's very little chance of winning this case. (To be) that as it may, I'm not going to give up fighting.

15. If only the telephone (not to invent)!

16. Somebody (to help) me with this socket!

17. Far (to be) it from me to cheat at the exam.

18. He (can tell) you really interesting news, but he was interrupted.

19. I (will) sooner say nothing at all.

20. The candidate, as it (to be), didn't suit the position.

Task 5. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Write down the whole sentence.
1. You might had told me about the incident!
2. Everybody should keep silent!
3. But for a mere coincidence, Kate should never have met him!
4. Come what comes, I'm not going to work in this place any more.
5. If only I didn't make any mistakes in my test yesterday!
6. You'd better not had stayed with the Smiths last Saturday.
7. I'd rather didn't ask her this question. She might get angry.
8. I would watch this film the other day in your place.
9. Far it to be from me to spoil the fun.
10. And what if we lost our way?
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