The Subject

Task 1. Distribute the following sentences according to the structural types of the subjects used in them.
  • My meeting him again was a surprise.
  • Skating must be wonderful.
  • What I need is a decent rest.
  • The doctor's house was too enormous.
  • Barking dogs seldom bite.
  • Your smoking indoors irritates me.
  • How much do you offer?
  • To ask him again is next to impossible.
  • For him to stay in London was impossible.
  • Where he lives is not known to me.
  • His accepting this offer is rather challenging.
  • Who has done this is still unknown.
  • Phoning him now is unnecessary.
  • Their behaving in such a silly manner is very strange.
  • How to help him is a mystery to me.
  • How he managed to do it is a mystery to me.
  • Lying on the sofa was his favourite hobby.
  • Dickens was born in 1812.
  • The blue of the sky deepened visibly.
  • What girls of her sort want is just a wedding ring.
Simple Phrasal Complex Clausal

Task 2. State the type of the subject it.
E x a m p l e:
  • 1. It is Johnnotional, demonstrative
  • 2. It was 9 o'clockformal, impersonal
1. It is high time to begin our work. ,
2. It never rains but it pours. ,
3. He never smiles. It makes everyone feel uneasy. ,
4. It is to Mary that he is nodding, not to you. ,
5. It is Jane speaking, don't you recognize me? ,
6. It is easier to fall than to rise. ,
7. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. ,
8. Is it your money? ,
9. It seems that he was frank. ,
10. It was in summer that we met. ,
11. You ask me about the tea-pot? It's in the cupboard. ,
12. Our telephone is out of order. It is a real nuisance. ,
13. It is always darkest before the dawn. ,
14. It didn't occur to her that the idea was his. ,
15. It is still too hot to start. ,

Task 3. Change the sentences using
a) the emphatic it to emphasize the underlined parts:

1. He came home in high spirits.

2. Nelson's column is situated in Trafalgar Square.

3. The child stopped crying when his parents returned.

4. I met Charles' wife at their house.

5. Fred won this race.

b) the introductory it:

1. His wearing glasses in winter seems rather strange.

2. To see others enjoying themselves makes her happy.

3. That they left without phoning us was rather unexpected.

4. That they should have different views is quite natural.

5. For him to lock the door was easy.

Task 4. Insert it or there.
1. is enough time for you to finish this work.
2. remains very little of the original architecture in our town.
3. is no coincidence that they chose to rent the same film once again.
4. was a blue bruise on her cheek.
5. was one event in my life which changed everything.
6. must have been an interesting idea.
7. is no excuse for your constant lies.
8. comes a time when you understand that health is better than wealth.
9. is no denying that he is a good pianist.
10. was a lot of snow yesterday.
11. seems to be a mistake in your composition.
12. is rugby he plays at the week-end.
13. will be a band concert next week.
14. came a knock on the door.
15. was a great deal of anger about his manners.
16. is fun for me to be with you.
17. is a mystery that he sees in her.
18. is no sense in making him angry.
19. followed an uncomfortable silence.
20. is no need to ask her about it again.

Task 5. Tick the correct variant.










Task 6. Translate the underlined parts into English using different structures with it and there.
1. Бессмысленно buying a new car.
2. Не было сомнения that the painting was authentic.
3. Приходит время when you regret about the past.
4. Именно твои родители who helped me.
5. Нет причины for you to be angry with me.
6. Нет смысла in trying to persuade her.
7. Не было совпадением that they left the party at the same time.
8. Нет шансов of their winning this game.
9. It is you, Paul, кто не прав .
10. Не секрет that Dad took over this post.
Total: 100 points 0 point-mark

Correct answers


100 – 96


















under 30 points gained