Pronouns each, every + one, where

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. She goes to the dentist six months.
2. Alice had only two suitcases, but weighed over 20 kilos.
3. The airplanes were taking off few minutes.
4. I visited my friend in the hospital nearly day.
5. Almost tourist enjoyed the panoramic view of the city.
6. He gave of the ladies a rose, which earned him their smiles.
7. The woman was holding a package in hand.
8. He seems to know single person in the room.
9. If you don’t listen carefully to her word, she’ll twist you around her little finger.
10. Nearly time I see her she is wearing that bright floral dress.
11. attempt is made to make airline passengers feel safe and comfortable.
12. They have their own E-mail address.
13. The twins say they often wear clothes.
14. of the answers in the test is worth 2 points.
15. The woman looked tired. She was carrying a package in hand.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. All their neighbours every gave a little money and some of their friends helped too.
2. Friendship is based on trust and if that is betrayed the all relationship breaks down.
3. Best friends are always there for one the other in times of trouble.
4. Laura says she doesn’t go out every evening, every another evening, perhaps.
5. You can see some perfume samples over there, please, take one of every.
6. There aren’t enough books for everyone to have it.
7. There are four bedrooms in the house, every with its own shower and WC.
8. When they met in Paris last fall, they knew they were made for one other.
9. In some countries men shake hands all time they meet.
10. He was determined to go to Australia even if it took each penny of his savings.
11. He discovered that he was in complete disagreement with every else in the office.
12. My brother got high grades in all subject when he was at school.
13. Every knows about pollution problems, but few people have come up with any solutions.
14. Everyone child assembles his or her project with the teacher’s help.
15. Sam and Allie are made for each the other, I just can’t think of either of them with anyone else.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. We visit our grandparents (каждые) two weeks.
2. He stood up and shook hands with (каждым) of the men.
3. (Каждый) member of staff must attend this meeting.
4. I can’t say he is very punctual, he has been late for work (каждый) day of this week.
5. I bought a small gift for (каждого) of the children.
6. (Каждый) of these boxes contains something, but not (каждый) has something valuable in it.
7. I’ve spoken to nearly all my colleagues, and (каждый второй) says their schedule is hectic.
8. Grill the fish for five minutes on (каждый) side.
9. The show will be broadcast (каждый) weekend between 7 and 8 p.m.
10. These are hot issues that affect (каждого и всех) of us.
11. (Каждый) component can be replaced separately if it breaks.
12. What a wonderful view! I enjoy it (каждый) time I come here.
13. (Каждый) contribution the company made was highly appreciated.
14. (Каждый) has bad days now and then.
15. Practically (каждый) route was over two miles.