Demonstrative Pronouns this, these, that, those

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. cheese is not fresh.
2. Could you pass me books, please.
3. Why is he following girls?
4. I think the boys watched too many of TV crime shows.
5. Do you remember detective stories we bought last week?
6. Did you bay shoes we saw on sale?
7. (On the phone) is Carol. Can I speak to Jane, please?
8. Listen to song. I am sure, you’ll like it.
9. Who are girls standing near the cafe?
10. Who are people standing near the bookstore?
11. Will of you who want tickets for the performance raise your hands.
12. - I hear you went to the Crimea! – Oh, was ages ago.
13. What’s joke you were going to tell me?
14. - Who are you looking at? - are the girls I met at the disco last Sunday.
15. carrots have shriveled up a bit so I think I’ll throw them out.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. London has buildings which date from Roman times, and that makes it such an interesting place to visit.
2. There shouldn’t be any side effects with this pills, but if there are, let me know.
3. Are these sheep or goats in that field over there?
4. The face in the picture is angelic, except for those tiny blemish just below the eye – can you see it? – That seems to be some kind of scar or birthmark.
5. My friend says you can always find some new little corner that you haven’t come across before, and he likes that about London.
6. Quite honestly I don’t know how she has put up with his violent temper for all this years. 7. I hate to tell you it but I was glad when Sam went home.
8. “I have to go,” and with this she hung up the phone.
9. “We’ve been cheated,” she said. That were her exact words.
10. In those days people only had radios, whereas this days everybody watches television.
11. My friend told me she had never been on such a long and boring train journey as this.
12. In these chapter of the book, we look at a number of new economic theories.
13. I hate to tell you these, but I was glad when he went home.
14. Do you remember those nice Mr Hoskins who came to dinner?
15. When are you going to give me those money you owe me?
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. (Это) are not my clothes.
2. (Та) flock of birds will be migrating south for the winter, I’d imagine.
3. The name ‘vitamin’ was proposed by Kazimir Funk, who suspected that (они) were essential for life.
4. What a pity! I couldn’t watch (эту) programme last night.
5. “I hear you’ve been promoted. (Это) nice news!” “How did you get to hear (это) ?” “A little birdie told me!”
6. “What were you talking about?” “Oh, about (о том, о сем) ”.
7. I want to see you in my office (сию) minute.
8. In my opinion, the finest wines are (те) from France.
9. How can we be sure a disaster of (подобного) kind will not happen again?
10. She didn’t even say ‘Thank you’. (Это) is the last time I do her any favours.
11. Many animal games echo (те) played by human children.
12. Things have never been as bad as (сейчас) before.
13. Look at (тех) men in that car. What on earth are they doing?
14. (Те) who saw the performance thought it memorable.
15. If young Daly continues to improve at (этой) rate, he’ll soon be in the A Team.