Pronouns it is, there is

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. a book store in this area?
2. dead silence throughout the room, and I realized my joke had offended people.
3. a really strong gust of wind and it blew a man’s hat off.
4. My mum’s so houseproud; never a speck of dust anywhere in the house.
5. little we can do about the situation.
6. I take you’ve heard about Mrs Harvey, chief medical examiner.
7. appears they were en route to some destination when something happened and they had to pull off the road.
8. has been three years since Abby appeared in my office with fresh-cut irises.
9. “ more to this story than what you heard or read in the papers,” she said.
10. not much good inviting her out to dinner, she turns everybody down.
11. In fact seems to be less and less rainfall nowadays.
12. happened to be a doctor among the passengers who could give the woman expert medical help.
13. Hello, Kate. , Ann. Are you doing anything special tonight?
14. has been a severe outbreak of food poisoning at the local hospital.
15. From the middle of the forest emerged a strange hooded figure.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. It’s no way you can prevent me from seeing my friends.
2. It’s just so much apathy from some young people these days when it comes to charity.
3. Since we got the goat, it’s not a blade of grass longer than about two centimeters.
4. It’s not a grain of truth in what she said.
5. I’d like to go to a concert tonight but it’s nothing good on.
6. It was a herd of cows being taken down the lane for milking, and it took us ages to get by.
7. Pop songs have cheapened the word ‘love’ so that there’s meaningless nowadays.
8. It must be something wrong with the remote control because every time I try to change channels nothing happens.
9. Will it be an opportunity for me to meet him in person?
10. It’s no point in reading this newspaper.
It’s out of date!
11. It’s no reason why he shouldn’t be an external candidate.
12. It was no way she was going to persuade me not to go on holiday with Jack.
13. It’s no caption (надписи) under this photo so I don’t know who it’s of.
14. There’s no use, I can’t make the computer work.
15. There’s no trouble at all. I’ll take you to the airport. I will be going that way anyway.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. (Был) was a cold rainy day.
2. (Было) was hardly any snow outside.
3. Could I look at the bill, please? (Вот, пожалуйста.)
4. (Пора) time you grew out of such childish behaviour.
5. (Было) few people at his lecture yesterday.
6. (Был) was a light in the kitchen when I got home.
7. (Не будет) another bus for at least an hour.
8. Learning a language isn’t easy – (это) takes time.
9. I’m fed up. (Скучно) just sitting here. Let’s go out for a walk.
10. (Это не) a real Rolex, unfortunately – just a cheap imitation.
11. The party was all right but it lacked sparkle. (Не было ничего) very exciting or lively about it.
12. (Было) very difficult to make out what he was saying above the noise of the traffic.
13. (Есть) a point on the shore where paths seem to meet, where the land ends and the sea starts.
14. (Было) was a long-standing rivalry between the brothers.
15. (Кажется) they are meeting competition from several other companies for the contract.