Defining (Relative) Pronouns who, whose, which, that, what

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. is Jack’s phone number?
2. The kind of music this group plays is hard to describe.
3. My car, I only bought two months ago, has broken down.
4. They lost the game, disappointed their supporters.
5. In the part of the city I live nothing interesting ever happens.
6. This is the time of the year tourists start to arrive.
7. She is a writer books I always like to read.
8. The house in I grew up has been recently pulled down. 9. – Good morning, ladies! of you is first in line?
10. – Ann?
– She is the girl father won a large sum of money in the lottery.
11. My sister always left milk out of the fridge, annoyed me.
12. Look! That’s the boy stole your purse.
13. The book I only bought last week is falling apart already.
14. My grandmother, is in her 80ies, still enjoys long walks.
15. We need to hire knows the most about computers.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. When her younger son went to school, she felt she wanted to go back to work, which was exactly which she did.
2. My best friend has strict parents which don’t like when he stays out late.
3. The girl who was at the party is about the only friend of yours that I’ve met which I really like.
4. He kept complaining about everything, that really annoyed everyone.
5. Yesterday I went to the cinema with a friend of mine, which, I think, you met.
6. I glimpsed something through the window but I’ve got no idea that it was.
7. I didn’t understand a lot of that she said, to be honest.
8. Everybody arrived late, that didn’t surprise me in the least.
9. Look at the old man which is standing near the window. Do you recognize him? 10. I saw a girl which beauty took my breath away.
11. She always thought of herself as an easy going and tolerant person which put up with people’s differences.
12. Well, speaking as someone which is in the public eye constantly I must say I do value my privacy.
13. People cut down thousands of trees every day, what is a catastrophe for the animals and plants that live there.
14. All who applied were given such jobs what were suitable for them.
15. I am not sure that I can do to help my friend.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. (Кто еще) went to the disco besides Jill?
2. Do you see (что) the children over there are busy with?
3. Francis Ford Coppola, (который) made the Godfather films, is a very well-known director.
4. The chief of the police, (чья) work is very important, takes care of the police safety.
5. Luckily there are many schoolchildren (которые) are as bright as Sam.
6. The courage with (которой) she faced life challenges was inspiring.
7. In a hundred years’ time, I am absolutely certain (что) astronauts will have landed on Mars.
8. He told me just (что) I wanted to hear.
9. (Как) does your new house look like?
10. The Tower of London, about (которой) a lecture is to be given tomorrow, is a famous historic building.
11. Kate always did very well at school, (что) pleased her parents.
12. She is one of the kindest people (которых) I know.
13. In his life time John D. Martin set up 154 companies all of (которых) went out of business and had to be closed down.
14. In (котором) year was the United Nations founded?
15. The little boy (который) had lost his parents was in tears.