Personal, Possessive, Reflexive Pronouns

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. Let's go and introduce .
2. I reminded all day that I had to call my friend Jane.
3. - Do you mind if I pour some more coffee?
- Certainly not. There's plenty of coffee. Please help .
4. We hope that all the children will behave .
5. She looked behind but saw nobody.
6. Did you go to the mountains by or with a group?
7. I like the way our maths teacher explains the new rules to .
8. I often fell nervous with strangers.
9. - What's the matter with Kate? - I think she wants to be by for a while.
10. - Do you know where the nearest post-office is. - Oh, it's right in front of .
11. I felt ashamed of . I lost my temper over nothing.
12. The company considered successful.
13. Be careful or you will hurt .
14. She came home with a classmate and two friends of .
15. Our cat hurt ear yesterday.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. I felt myself very depressed these days.
2. She often takes her dog with herself when she goes out.
3. I have something here that will be interesting for yourself.
4. It was Sunday yesterday, so I woke up later, got dressed and made me some breakfast.
5. My aunt looks herself very young but she is older than my mother.
6. I know some facts about plant life that will be interesting for yourself.
7. She likes to go home and relax herself after a hard day's work.
8. The boss her told me about the pay rise so it must be true.
9. They can't afford themselves a holiday this year.
10. I've had my breakfast and our dog has had it's.
11. They say their flat is bigger than our but I think ours is more comfortable.
12. She got some advice from a colleague of her who considered himself an expert on the subject.
13. The managing director welcomed us warmly but realized too late that he had mistaken myself for someone.
14.Cooking has always been an interest of myself so I came home with lots of new recipes.
15.He occasionally chuckled quietly to him as he read the letter.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. What's the cat doing? It's playing with (своей) bone.
2. Our car and (их) are alike.
3. Some relatives (ее) live in Italy.
4. George says that the mistake wasn't (его) .
5. Our children and we (сами) had a nice holiday in the Crimea .
6. The dog is following us again. You can see it if you look behind (себя) .
7. I am glad the children did all the cooking (сами) .
8. I often feel (себя) nervous with strangers.
9. (Сама комната) was quite nice but the hotel in general wasn't.
10. The company considered (себя) successful.
11. 'This bag looks awfully heavy. Shall I carry it for you?' 'It's OK, thanks. I can carry it (сама) .
12. You can really master a language if you use (его) regularly.
13. Every year in October a two-week opera festival is held. It has got a character all of (свой собственный) .
14. I suppose this is not my neighbours' dog. That black one must be (их) .
15. - What did you do to your hand? – I (порезался) .