Indefinite Pronouns both, either, neither, none

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. My friend doesn’t like tomato juice. .
2. In the shop I tried on several coats but I liked of them.
3. I have two photo-cameras but are broken.
4. I didn’t like of the jackets.
5. In the Cup Final teams were at the top of their form and right up until the end the result was in doubt.
6. – How many E-mail messages did you get yesterday? - .
7. I tried on several dresses but I liked .
8. My friend says she doesn’t like tomato juice. .
9. I’ve got two CD players at home, but of them are broken.
10. We went to two concerts last week and of them were fantastic – we really enjoyed them.
11. of these ideas will work so you’d better think of something else.
12. I’m going to fail the exam just scrape through.
13. Would you like your coffee with milk or sugar, or ?
14. The personnel manager has told me you need 2 types of qualification for this job. - is acceptable.
15. I think it’s important to listen to sides of the argument.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. She had two job offers but she decided that she didn’t want to work for neither company.
(either) 2. Other of those pictures is exactly what I want.
(either) 3. None of his parents agreed with his hasty decision to quit.
(Neither) 4. There were two old hotels in the town but they didn’t go to any. (either) 5. None of these problems are serious so I don’t know which to deal with.
(Both) 6. As soon as we saw her on stage we were enchanted either by her beauty and performance.
(both) 7. We can eat both now or somewhat later – it’s up to you.
(either) 8. You can get there by train or by bus – any way. It’ll take you 40 minutes.
(either) 9. To apply for this job you’ll need a good knowledge of either French and English.
(both) 10. Both Joan Armatrading and Tina Turner have had successful careers, but none of them has had an easy life.
(neither) 11. No of these brands of chocolate taste the same, do they?
(none) 12. It’s neither of your business. I’ll deal with the problem myself.
(none) 13. I don’t know when either my wife and I could settle down for a meal without feeling strangers in our own home.
(both) 14. It’s either me or her. You can’t have it neither ways.
(both) 15. Loyalty works neither ways: we are loyal to our employees and, in turn, they are loyal to us.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. (Ни один) of her two brothers is married.
2. I haven’t any relatives in the Far East and my friend hasn’t (тоже) .
3. Oxford is not far from Stratford, so you can easily visit (оба) in a day.
4. My friend doesn’t like hard rock. (И я тоже) .
5. There is mineral water and apple juice. You can have (любой) .
6. (Ни один) of Tim’s friends were good at ski jumping.
7. (Никто) of the students failed their test in Phonetics.
8. There were two old hotels but I didn’t go to (ни одну) .
9. They suggested two dates and (обе) were suitable for me.
10. He gave me two explanations but (ни одно из них) made sense.
11. Are you (оба) interested in joining our sports club?
12. The room is too crowded. (Либо) a table (либо) several chairs have to be removed.
13. Have you eaten (обе) those bars of chocolate?
14. When we meet up nowadays (ни один) of us feel comfortable.
25. (Ни одна) of my two daughters seems at all interested in what (либо) my wife (либо) I am doing.